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Tooth TV - Streamer/Editor/Content Creator/Musician


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Hi, My name is Vjay I'm using ToothTV and VJMUSIX on my pages and I'm a streamer/content creator and a musician. I started playing online games when I was in Elementary, I've played a lot of games like Counter-Strike, Ragnarok Online, FlyFF, Ran Online, Gunbound, Grand Chase, Maple Story, and Other MMORPG games that are new in the market. Now in the present day, I still play Ragnarok Online on PC and Mobile and have been streaming early 20's Online games (Gunbound, Ragnarok Private Servers, and Freestyle Street Basketball 2) to spread and share the epic feeling that I've felt in my early days. I've come across NFT games like Crypto Crusader and Axie Infinity last year and have been wanting to play them but due to my circumstances, I wasn't able to try it.

As I've searched the net looking for free NFT games. I've come across your website and been interested in what you guys can offer especially me a newbie when it comes to this kind of games. I love learning. love to explore a new type of games and the possibilities that these games can offer. I hope that team Exitializ can read this and give me a chance to prove that I can be a great fit.


Here are my social media accounts:

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUVSdQ8cvT2w15B5n4pLEeA

Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/gaming/ToothTV

Discord ID - Tooth#1918

Twitter - @vjaygomez


Thanks for your time and for reading my profile.




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