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Presale 2.0 Information


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Total $MONI for sale in Presale 1.0 = 540,000
Total $MONI for sale in Presale 2.0 = 7,560,000

Presale Rewards
  • 200 Inception Monsta will be given out by raffle to those who able to buy at least 100 MONI in Presale 1.0 or 2.0.
  • The raffle result will be announce on 30th September 2021.
Audit links
When will the presale start and end?
  • Presale 2 (Oversubscription method for all whitelisted participants only)

Start : 15th of September 2021 00:00 UTC+0
End : 15th of September 2021 18:00 UTC+0

  • Presale 2.0 will end manually once the team determines that most of the community has bought tokens
Price for Presale 2
  • 1 BNB = 2400 $MONI
Where to buy?
How will you structure the presale?
  • We will structure the presale into two rounds.
  • Presale 1- We will launch our presale on 8th of September 2021 12PM UTC+0 to 14th of September 2021 12PM UTC+0 for the first 400 whitelisted members with a minimum contribution of 1BNB.
  • Presale 2- Remaining whitelisted members will be participating 2nd round of presale with a minimum contribution of 0.1BNB which will take place on 15th of September 2021 00:00 UTC+0 to 15th of September 2021 18:00 UTC+0.
  • Example of oversubscription

Sale Target : 1000 BNB
Total BNB Gathered : 5000 BNB
Oversubscription percentage : (5000BNB / 1000BNB X 100) x 100%

Mr A Invest 1BNB
1BNB / 500% = 0.2BNB
Mr A will get 0.2BNB allocation of $MONI

Extra 0.8BNB will be returned to Mr A.

When will I get my refund on oversubscription?
  • The funds will be refunded right after Presale 2 end.
If I’m whitelisted in Presale 1 but I did not buy in Presale 1, can I buy in Presale 2?
  • Yes you can. If you did not purchase in Presale 1, you can buy in Presale 2.
If I purchased in Presale 1, can I join Presale 2?
  • No. You cannot purchase in Presale 2 if you had purchased in Presale 1.
If I did not manage to purchase any MONI in Presale 1, can i join Presale 2?
  • Yes, you may join Presale 2 if you did not manage to get any MONI in Presale 1.
If I purchased in Presale 1, can I join Presale 2?
  • No. You cannot purchase in Presale 2 if you had purchased in Presale 1.
MONI open for trading
  • MONI will only be tradable after 16th September 2021 18:00 UTC+0 which MONI is listed on exchanges.
Method of purchase/Accepted currency
  • Only BNB will be accepted for purchasing the MONI presale.
How to buy?
  • Tutorial Video for Presale 2
Where can I see my token before vesting ends?
  • Successful buyer can check their allocation in the smart contract and the web interface after Presale 2 ends. (15th of September 2021 18:00 UTC+0)
1*cO_iCUODoKn2igxtTxpr-A.pngWebsite user interface of owning MONI
  • For contract address tracking, you may head to bscscan.com
  • Paste the contract address of Presale 2.
  • Click Contract, click Read Contract, scroll down to “depositAddressesAwardedTotalErc20CoinAmount”.
  • Paste your wallet address that you used to purchase MONI.
  • Click query and you’ll get your number of allocations.
  • Head to https://eth-converter.com/
  • Insert the number you get from “depositAddressesAwardedTotalErc20CoinAmount” to the column Wei.
  • The number displayed in the Ether column will be the MONI you owned.
  • The formula will be the number you get from “depositAddressesAwardedTotalErc20CoinAmount” divide by 1000000000000000000. (Divide by 10 for eighteen times)
How long is the vesting period for the tokens purchased in Presale 2.0?
  • 25% of token will be unlock on TGE (16th September 2021)
  • 25% of token will be unlock on 30th September 2021
  • 50% of token will be unlock on 16th October 2021
Details of the IDO
  • Total token allocation for IDO = 1% of total token supply
  • IDO will be hosted by a few different launchpads, further details kindly wait for our announcement.
  • Method of joining IDO : Please refer to our launchpad partner announcement.

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