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How Can Blockchain-Based NFT Games Increase In Value Over Time? (2)


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In the first part of this series, we discussed how blockchain-based games like Sipher can increase in value over time by providing players with an actual incentive to participate in the game economy. Now, it is time to talk about how attracting users via a unique in-game experience helps this value grow even further.

0*Fdk9PM1T-vYxkohY.jpgThe metaverse isn’t just a science-fiction concept anymore

The free-to-play (F2P) model has become one of the most popular in the game industry in recent years. Companies using this model depend on a high level of user engagement which will increase the chances of players completing microtransactions or acquiring premium memberships, as well as increased ad revenue.

The pay-to-play model, on the other hand, requires players to pay in order to get a license of the game and be able to play it. Some of these games have integrated some of the microtransactions features of F2P games over the past decade but their main source of income relies on the sale of the game.

Sipher is not a F2P nor a P2P game per se as the ultimate objective is not the earning of revenue. Both the faucets and sinks existing in the game economy exists to incentive the growth in value over time and keep the game exciting

However, as a metaverse dependent on player interaction, the game will benefit from a high volume of players just like a traditional F2M model. This is why the developers have paid so much attention to the game mechanics and the universe itself to provide other types of value to players.

To most gamers, playing video games is not about financial gain unless they are doing it in a professional manner such as competitive gaming. Historically, gaming has been a way for players like you to prove your skill, compete with others, explore virtual worlds, etc. This in itself represents value!

1*NxjIM_w2S52fkmkDyMVCrg.jpegSipher is a true gaming experience, not just an NFT collectible experiment

Why do players hate grinding so much? Because it is a repetitive menial task that doesn’t provide any value in itself but is the means to unlock other aspects of the game which will provide the value. If a play-to-earn game relies on grinding, it quickly becomes a chore or part-time job instead of a gaming experience. This is not the objective behind Sipher.

The team behind the game has developed a game in which value can also be gained through the journey by enjoying owning and interacting with your Sipher, exploring a beautifully designed game world with fun and engaging content, competing with other players to prove your skill, actively participating in the world history and shapings its future, and much more. Sipher is a true gaming experience, not just an NFT collectible experiment.

As with any other virtual world, the World of Sipheria will benefit from attracting new players by providing interesting and captivating gameplay. This will make the game itself valuable, not only the in-game resources and assets.

This makes the social element of Sipher an essential aspect of its gameplay. Sure, Sipheria is a place where casual fighting takes place all the time, but it is also a metaverse to make new friends, find mentors or mentees, and even find business partners. Just like in real life, interacting and cooperating with others will allow players to achieve their goals quickly, which will translate to a more profitable and fun experience.

Lastly, blockchain-based games like Sipher offer a unique advantage over other types of games by opening the doors to new technologies that could shape the future: Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With both technologies becoming increasingly relevant around the world as companies adopt them and mainstream media puts them in the spotlight, knowing them is an important skill to have.

1*Rc3P6U-kiEKcS0tqKCZXbA.jpegLearning by playing and having fun is a method that has survived millennia of testing and is now making a complex technology more accessible than ever

By playing games that integrate blockchain and crypto at all levels, players can get familiar with the technologies organically without having to go through guides, videos, or “blockchain classes”. Learning by playing and having fun is a method that has survived millennia of testing and is now making a complex technology more accessible than ever.

Combining strong financial and game design bases is fundamental to generate growth over time in all senses. By creating a fun and engaging game experience while harvesting the benefits of crypto and blockchain, it is possible to create a new kind of virtual world envisioned by writers and philosophers in the past: a metaverse.

Long are the days in which gamers were forced to deal with video games that exploited addictive behaviors, deceptive patterns, misleading user interfaces, and much more to benefit from players to generate revenue. Games in which players and developers work together to drive growth are here to stay. Come join us in the world of Sipheria to help us create a unique experience for all gamers!


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