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SIPHER Holder Benefits (with an extra step)!


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The benefits stated below are exclusive only to Genesis Sipher — one of the first 10,000 Siphers of each race (i.e. Inu, Neko, Tori, Buru) that are minted, which had been or will be sold directly by the team, and are not a result of cloning. This means that any other Siphers that were the result of cloning will NOT be considered a Genesis Sipher, and will NOT be receiving these benefits.


Primary Benefits of Being a Genesis Sipher Holder

The primary benefit of owning a Genesis Sipher now is that you’ll be the ones that begin the creation of the other non-genesis Siphers. Think similar to Zed Run and Axie, whereby only those that owned the first genesis/origin NFTs were able to breed first and extract the most money given their first mover advantage.

Further, your character will be UNIQUE and no other characters after these Genesis Siphers will look like yours in the game (refer to the following screenshot from a post by Sipher’s Founder, Tin, in Discord containing more information related to the uniqueness of Genesis Siphers and why all of the Sub-Races are special):

0*jloK5kSSoUp3uq15See the announcement here: https://discord.com/channels/857914873106399303/865474078794448926/889169380804550736

Benefits Exclusive to Genesis Siphers

In addition to the primary benefits noted above, there are only a few exclusive benefits that have been announced as of now. You could consider these short-term “bonuses” for being one of the True Siphers and continuing to support us all the way until the release of the game, and maybe even after that!

The following are some of the exclusive benefits you receive as a Genesis Sipher holder:

Early Access to the Game

Each Genesis Sipher will be your “key” to play the Sipher game once it launches. This means that you will be the first ones to play the game before everyone else does. So consider yourselves the “OGs”, or “Beta Testers”. Anyone else that wants to play the game that does not own a Genesis Sipher will need to either buy one from the secondary marketplace (such as OpenSea), or buy a cloned Sipher once that functionality becomes available.

Please note that this benefit will be available in order of species launch, meaning that those Sipher species that were minted earlier will receive access a little earlier than than the other Genesis Siphers (for example, Inus will play before Nekos, Nekos before Toris, and so on and so forth)

Guildmaster Program

As a Genesis Sipher holder, there will be various opportunities for you to be on a fast-track to being whitelisted for presale in future Sipher Race drops, and may even be able to mint future Sipher Race NFTs for free as part of the Guildmaster Program. Click here for further details!


Spaceships are flying “mounts” that your Sipher characters will be able to use in-game for travelling across Sipheria. However, you will need to combine various Spaceship parts and bring them to the Sipherian Ship Yard to fully create a Spaceship. As a Genesis Sipher holder, you will be able to mint LIMITED EDITION parts — once a week per each Genesis Sipher NFT held, at random times, random max quantities and random drop rates. You will only need to pay gas*.

*As of this time, we are planning to have these parts be Blueprint Code in forms of ERC-1155 tokens and the Space Ship will be a ERC-721 token. Given the high gas fees in Ethereum, and the amount of parts to mint, we are currently working towards finding the best solution for for minting the Spaceship parts. This could be either another L1 or L2 solution. Please bear with us and we will provide more information once available!
0*5uE1s7WHA_aPqh7sThis is what a 3D Sipherian Spaceship could look like!!

These can be minted in order of launch, meaning that those Sipher species that came out earlier will receive more parts as they can start minting earlier than the other Genesis Siphers (for example, Inus will mint before Nekos, Nekos before Toris, and so on and so forth). Further, each Genesis Sipher species will receive limited edition parts that will be exclusively obtainable by that specific species, and that will be cosmetically consistent with that species (for instance, Spaceship parts that are exclusive to a Genesis Sipher Inu will only be obtainable via minting by a Genesis Sipher Inu, and when you see these parts on the ship, you will notice that they are built specifically to match a Sipher Inu).

Please note that Spaceships are not limited to use by the Genesis Siphers, given that you could trade them on a secondary marketplace. However, only Genesis Siphers will be receiving these limited edition parts, and as such will be the first ones to bring these to the market.

You can refer to this link 13/09/2021- LET’S RIDE for further details regarding the Spaceships and free minting of Spaceship parts.

Sipher Comic Mint Pass

Each Genesis Sipher NFT will be given the opportunity to mint a FREE Sipher Comic Mint Pass. The comics will span the story of Sipheria including the lore, stories of characters, stories of dungeons and fights, faction wars, figuring out why we are in Sipheria, among other things. Note that there will also be easter eggs such as cryptic passwords that you can find in the comics, which can then potentially be used in the game (for example — a code that you see in one of scenes in the comic).

During the first year, two story books will be captured within the Comics, and there will be one issue released every month of about 25 pages each. They will be fully-colored, professional art and ink.

This opportunity is tagged to each NFT separately — which means that if you have minted a Sipher Comic Mint Pass on your Genesis Sipher NFT, and then trade the same Genesis Sipher NFT to a friend, they will not be able to mint another Sipher Comic Mint Pass. Sipher Comic Mint Passes are limited by the Supply of Genesis NFTs, and therefore, is intentionally made scarce as a benefit to our Genesis Sipher NFT holders.

You can hold and keep the Sipher Comic Mint Pass for yourself to use and read the comics whenever you want, or you can sell this mint pass to other players or community members via the Secondary Market (OpenSea) to give them a chance to read the comics as well.

Other Benefits, and Disclaimers

Please note that the team is also looking to provide other benefits. However, these are still in discussions and as such have not been informed to the public until they are official. Our team believes in honesty and transparency, and prefers to under-promise and over-deliver.

More importantly, as both a community member and investor, it is important that you understand that the team has a long-term focus on this game. As such, please know that if you are purchasing a Genesis Sipher you may not see an immediate return on investment. So we believe this to be a long-term investment rather than a short-term one. It is up to you to decide whether you will buy and hold from now and wait for the game and cloning mechanics to come out, or just buy in later (no guarantee of what price these NFTs will be at in the future).

This is NOT financial advice, so please do your own research before you make any investment decisions. Think pros and cons, the risks involved, and your tolerance towards these risks.

If after these considerations you decide to stay and hold, then we’re happy that you are a part of this community and appreciate your support! But if after those considerations you decide you’d rather sell now and wait to see what happens, need to need to let go of your Sipher in the short term (again, no guarantee that the prices will be lower/higher by that time), or just can’t take the pressure of waiting to see what happens and you’d rather just sell your Sipher, then although it will be sad to see you leave us as an investor, we understand that everyone has different circumstances. Regardless, you will still be a valued member of our community, and we hope you will find your time here engaging and fun with all the activities we have planned.

For further details, please visit SIPHER ATLAS

Sipheria awaits, Adventurers 🐶 🐶 🐶

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We are hiring worldwide! https://sipherhq.notion.site/Opportunities-at-SIPHER-a-Blockchain-Game-Company-b8330604647d4410a23aa0aeaf89af11


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