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Drunk Robots AMA with BlockchainGameGang


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BlockchainGameGang: Welcome to our stream today. Guys, this is the AMA for Drunk Robots. We're going to be going through everything about the game, teaching you guys what you need to know and what you need to get involved with this project, okay? and good morning to everybody. I’m so glad to have you here today.

Vladimir: I'm good, thank you. Hello everyone. Thank you for inviting me here. So, Drunk Robots here today and I will answer the most interesting and often asked questions. My name is Vladimir and I'm co-founder of this game and I’ll give some secrets and tips on what Drunk Robots will be and how you can play it.
BlockchainGameGang: Amazing. Okay. So let's get right into the AMA. The first thing we're going to go with is what the gameplay will be like. Is this going to be like a 2D or 3D action game, and when are we going to expect the game to be available for play?

Vladimir: Drunk Robots consists of numerous minigames there will be not only one game there will be many mini games with various gameplay mechanics and play to earn games and not an average games like it is it is a new mainstream like axie infinity, mixture of games display turn a mixture of entertainment and financial tools will be inside the game. Such as decentralized finance products that tell us, people and our users to earn real revenues and real funds so when people play they get tokens and exchange them to usd in a few clicks. There will be support for banking cards as well. We plan to experiment with gameplay and offer players different options among them: will be a 2D rpg farming like a classic clump and even a 3D world powered by unreal engine 4. Experiment together with our players as the game will develop in the direction the developers and users decide which games we will build next. We are community-focused.

BlockchainGameGang: Are there going to be a bunch of different mini games, is my understanding here that are gonna be completed like the 2D platformer, the RPG farming and then a 3D world on top of that right? which sounds very very interesting.

Vladimir: Yes.

BlockchainGameGang: with the financial tools involved in the game, we are looking at a NFT play to earn opportunity here for the players. so that's very interesting and that's something right up the alley of everybody every single person in this stream. could i ask before we continue with the AMA is this going to be playable on pc only or PC and cell phone?

Vladimir:  First iPhone version will be available in the form of a browser game.

BlockchainGameGang: so potentially in the future we'll be looking at cell phones as well. In that case how will the play to earn mode work and what are we expecting from the earnings essentially?

Vladimir: We will have a browser game first and after that we will build mobile apps available on ios and android and other platforms. So about how google play mod works? First of all, we will provide free-to-play opportunities to all players with different events and activities. Not only play patreon, pay to play  and the in-game earning system will later allow players to earn funds in a range of minigames impelling such scenarios of punk robberies, racing, farm building and others. Our economic system has been refined as a stage and will be published as soon as it is ready because we hired real professional game designers with real 10 plus years experience. I believe that they will do one of the best game economics in the current market. players will be able to create in-game ganks that will open your sources of income owning clients with farming and also be a company that will allow users to make money. 

BlockchainGameGang: Okay so that makes sense. I mean the idea sounds very cool with the bank robberies and racing farm building so there's a bunch of different mechanics that are going to give you an opportunity to earn in the game. All you have to do is basically own one of the NFTs. is that correct?

Vladimir: Yeah, correct. the main things. 

BlockchainGameGang: How do you own landis that is that going to be a different sale or is that going to be something that you earn in game?

Vladimir: There will be different mechanics. Only buyers and supporters will get some land early.
Vladimir: lands are available for providing liquidity for our main talking lq team so now we will have different programs to attract many users who can participate and get lent and to earn more from this game.

BlockchainGameGang: The next question that we have here is what is the capacity of a farming unit? Can we get the details and numbers so we can plan our activities in advance?

Vladimir:  We ended the final stage of preparation and testing of the game economy as I mentioned before and I will present it to all of the community very soon. all details will be provided in the release. We will prepare some interesting mechanics and all people will be happy with the mechanics we have.

BlockchainGameGang: very cool okay and the website states that LQT/BNB staking may be required for improving the characteristics of your robot. Is this so and are there any details on how that will work?

Vladimir: The details of game economics will be released and explained soon, but the *tp there will be very many special events around the LQT token as well.

BlockchainGameGang: Is the LQT token essentially the native token of the game then?

Vladimir: No.

BlockchainGameGang: what exactly is the LQT token in that case?

Vladimir: LQT Token is our native token where users can buy NFT from the game. The in-game token is MTL or Metal. So there will be a primary token and secondary token line in Axie Infinity there's AXS and SLP.

BlockchainGameGang: that makes perfect sense and the MTL is going to be also like a tradable token right?

Vladimir: yes.

BlockchainGameGang: How do you plan to scale 10000 players? Is there a fairly small limit? will there be robot breeding in the game if so how will ensuing generations differ from the first ones?

Vladimir: The function of breeding robots is not among our near future plans. However, if the number of players increases, the threshold of entering the game will become too expensive and will interfere with the scaling. We'll discuss this issue with the current players, the current NFT holders, to make a joint decision. If all are in favour, then we will add new robots to the multiverse list but these robots will be less rare and much less attractive than those released at the launch stage. They will differ from the genesis generation. So they will be the most rare and the most powerful.

BlockchainGameGang: when you add robots to the metaverse is that going to be in the form of another sale through the company or is that going to be through the players on the marketplace? How will those new robots be distributed?

Vladimir: I believe that players can do breeding like an act infinity and if they do collect some metals they can breed a new robot. Players also have a new feature to earn where they can sell new NFT to other players.

BlockchainGameGang: when you guys say that they're going to be much less rare and attractive than the original release robots, is that going to affect the competitive aspect to the game? Would that affect anything? are genesis holders going to be more powerful or is it like aesthetically?they're going to be cooler and more beautiful than the next generations. What can we expect from that?

Vladimir: generations will be more powerful, maybe they can farm more metal and MTL. they will get more and we'll finally decide if they will be more powerful in battles as well.

BlockchainGameGang: i guess since you're being very community driven that will be kind of between you guys and the current nft holders at that time.

Vladimir: yeah right.

BlockchainGameGang: So what is the fun part of the game in addition to earning money? Drive and fun are very important for any kind of video game right. so, since those are both the factors that retain users essentially, what is going to be the amusement that holds players there?

Vladimir: yeah in addition to game mechanics we are putting great things on the lore of the game and the social component players will be able to develop into the game and break the rules that they must abide by in real life. That includes drinking beer and robbing. They also hated banks bending up and ganks for launching robberies and looting. who would not want to play the role of a  gangster even for a minute! or indulging in some fighting plate at night. 

BlockchainGameGang: are these banks going to be player-owned banks? Are we ganging up with each other and raiding other players' assets or are they the game's assets like npc assets?

Vladimir: banks or the npc asset. but we want to add, like, if one gang raids a bank they can own it and receive the profit which the bank is generating. Also gangs can raid other gangs and to steal assets from other gamers.

BlockchainGameGang: So essentially the banks start off belonging to the game but as a gang if we take it over that's that becomes our bank and then other people can come try to take that bank from us with their own gangs kind of thing like that is what i'm getting.

Vladimir: I will tell you some secrets now. Players will have some additional commercial units and limits so players can own these commercial units and earn more and more. they surely need to protect these units because many other players want to rope these units.

BlockchainGameGang: Basically you can take them over and if you don't protect them, somebody else can come and take them from you.

Vladimir: Of course. These units will generate some profit every day and you should collect them to protect them.Maybe you should have few robots who will defend them.

BlockchainGameGang: will gameplay be available for those with only one robot? For example can the owner of one single robot rob a bank by himself or will he be able to party with other players? and is there a maximum number of robots a player can use in mini games ?how many weapons does it take to rob a bank and how can those who do not already own any weapons get some?

Vladimir: You can play with one robot for sure, but you will not be able to rob a bank by yourself. you need to have at least three robots in stock for a store robbery. However, it is a great opportunity for beginners  where they can rob store supermarkets and gas stations because there is no maximum number of robots a player can have.  you can send several squads to rob several banks. you will need at least one gun to charge a bank. You can also take on a store with your bear meat but your chances of success will be low, in order to get a weapon you can use our promotions just called five containers now with robots and he will receive a weapon immediately. After all robots are sold out, there will be other opportunities for those with a few robots to follow our announcements to learn more, subscribe to our social media and participate in our activities. You will not be able to join up in a party with other players but you can join again already you can join the game.

BlockchainGameGang: so a gang is basically your guild or whatever and maybe you can't join a party but you can join up with a gang and and if even if you have one robot you have no gun one the one of the gang members is a gun and you guys can all go rob a bank or rob a store together pretty easily. unless it's protected by other players which would be very interesting right?

Vladimir: Yeah exactly. 

BlockchainGameGang: If I could have my own army I could run my own gang by myself if I wanted to if I had enough assets. Is that correct?

Vladimir: yes correct you can have hundreds of robots and you can rob all around.

BlockchainGameGang: okay! very cool, and what kind of ROI can players expect from the robots that they buy? 

Vladimir: We are striving to build the game's economy in such a way that on average a player can earn 400 cs dollars to 1000 per month depending on the time spent on the game and depending on the number of robots. However, we cannot give any guarantees regarding earnings and there is also no limit on those sizes. The income of the players who have many robots that are successful in the robberies, upgraded the characters wisely and managed a top rank will be higher than 5000 per month according to our preliminary calculations. Also, by employing the player lounge prime principle, you may come across a rare robot that will be available so you will not know which robot you will have; you'll know it only when 8888 robots are sold. But as you can imagine we cannot guarantee any significant incomes to anyone. It all depends on the state of the market and how popular the game will be. For our part we will do our best to attract as many players as possible to build a good quality product in the game.

BlockchainGameGang: that's great, will there be a limit on the number of players per game? because if there's no no limit like everybody could basically just gang up together and take over everything. I guess that would destroy the fun in the game and they'd win all the battles right so what are the stipulations with that?

Vladimir: the rating off in the game will not be determined by the number of people in it, but by the total rating. so, the largest gang does not always win. The quality of the gang wins. The gameplay for the players and the gameplay for the ganks is separate as its own mechanics. Finally the rewards for ganks are structured in such a way that it simply does not make economic sense for everyone to join the same gang, since the rewards will be too small and will always be distributed among several gangs. This constitutional remaining competition between the gangs, so there is no reason to join the biggest one. I believe the Most effective gang will also earn more. 

BlockchainGameGang: Now this is the million dollar question because our community is built around this right here. Will there be a scholarship system like in Axie Infinity?

Vladimir: Yes for sure there will be such a system available. We are building it already in the process. So many players can receive robots, buy robots and manage their robots. They also can bring profit to robot holders and earn from the game process. 

BlockchainGameGang: that's amazing so i mean like as you know our community is heavily scholarship based we have about 3000 scholars in Axie infinity currently. And over 6000 people pending here just waiting for scholarships. knowing that this is a scholar-able game makes this a very big deal for us as well as our community. I think everybody's getting really excited now that they've heard that this is scholar-able so that is awesome and we love to provide liquidity to the ecosystems and economies of different games that's what we do here at bgg. So what if you don't sell all of the robots this month are you going to accomplish what the road map says? browser mini game in game store secondary marketplace being released in september 2021. 

Vladimir: yeah apartment the opening of containers will have to be postponed to october since 8088 robots have not been sold out yet as we planned. accordingly the opening of the marketplace will also be postponed. but don't worry if we are still far from our target number, we will give the opportunity to start opening containers in october for sure. This week we will start sharing with users the images of our robots that you can get from containers on social work networks. Stay tuned.

BlockchainGameGang: right now it looks like we still have container number one available. Which is one robot. now there's no indication as to how many containers are available?

Vladimir: It's available on our website. 

BlockchainGameGang: there are 4195 robots remaining. there's no more. container three is sold out. If you are interested in getting involved in this game, this is most likely the most affordable point to get involved for anybody who's looking to get involved without their own scholarship program.  but on top of that now that we know that this is scholarable project we are also going to be looking at getting assets for everybody in bgg and the cost of redemption to join the scholarship program from us is going to be very relative to what you see here in terms of the cost of the 0.6 b and b for the container. so b's at 300 bucks it would probably be about 150 to 200 BGG bucks from the stream to redeem that scholarship. it's going to be very easy to get involved and it's just going to be basically based on how many robots that we have and then once breeding starts we'll be able to go even further even faster and get tons and tons of you involved in this project which is going to be just amazing. Now let's go back to this picture for now it's really cheap to join right?it's a great time to get involved it's like being at the origin stage of Axie you know what i mean so it's very lucrative very great time to get involved and if the economy is controlled and grows properly and the game grows in a good way it would be just an amazing opportunity to own one of these basically genesis robots. Where do you see Drunk Robots in 10 years? What makes Drunk Robots stand out and competitive after all the market is growing very quickly and there are more play-to-earn games coming out every single day?

Vladimir: We really have a lot of worthy competitors. We believe that our main strength is a team that has extensive experience and is ready to design and develop a product based on data numbers and market analysis. We have no interest in building just a game. We want to build a product that is demanded on the market. We want to be a high-class game. We will play when people play and tell each other about this game. It is also important to know that we want to combine and develop both components in the game as a fun and a solid economic model. Many of our competitors focus on advancing and lose players as a result. We also plan to work with players more closely. feedback and suggestions are really important. We want to develop the game together with our players.

BlockchainGameGang: Will the game be on chain or off chain? What will gas be used for? Will there be gas fees when playing this game?
Vladimir: It's a good question because I personally played almost all games. It's a problem to have all features on chain key and to decide is that key actions such as those related to the robots themselves operations withdrawal of MTL to the exchange will be carried out on the blockchain for sure. The main gameplay itself will be built off-chain so that gameplay is pretty simple and fast for the player because when it's a full-on chain it's not interesting. 

BlockchainGameGang: I've played every NFT game out there as well myself. the ones that just essentially butcher me with constant gas fees. eventually adds up and it just makes the game unplayable. I think that's a very good approach, having a large portion of the actual gameplay off-chain so that it's just accessible to everybody and not an expensive endeavor to continue every time you battle or every time you do this every time you do that. I think that's a great idea. Will play to earn mode be available for those who do not own any robots?

Vladimir: a free-to-play model will be available to players as well without robots. in such cases they can get items that they can then sell on the marketplace. For example, users can play mini games without any robot and can sell some of the NFT parts from the game. it will be available as well.

BlockchainGameGang:  Okay. great, and when we're talking mini games like that, so many games without robots. So, the robots are used for the rating of the banks and the properties and capturing the assets and holding them and things like that. What are we talking about when we're saying mini games?

Vladimir: There will be a card game, poker, for example. There will be mini games like a mini shooter, to spend the time. And you're getting the points. You can change these points to other NFTs, for example. And many mini games around the main game. So our first mini game should be done in October, so users can start playing and maybe they will get some rare NFTs like weapons, farm units, etc.

BlockchainGameGang: Very cool, and will robot parts be replaceable?

Vladimir: The parts of a robot cannot be replaced at this time, maybe in the future we will build some upgradable NFTs. However, there are characteristics of the robot that can be upgraded using the different items that can be bought for MTL in stores or LQT in the marketplace or one in quest and minigames as well.

BlockchainGameGang: Okay, and so one of the big problems with play-to-earn games today is poor economics. How do you plan to build a balance and why exactly do you expect the economy of Drunk Robots to perform well?

Vladimir: As we had said earlier, our main advantage is a strong team of professionals, and the ability to quickly adapt to change. We hired professional game designers with default experience we will constantly monitor our performance to, and to prove the game's economy. The game will not stand still, but constantly expand and change, so the economy will always adapt to current market conditions and the activity of the players in order to find the perfect balance between supply and demand. We have initially built the game economy in such a way that deflation will exceed inflation over time or remain equal. Those more tokens then can be repurchased will never be released onto the market. We are also implementing protection against whales and against play-to-win strategies.

BlockChainGameGang: Right. That's something definitely that we've seen in a lot of games, for instance, as you know F1 delta is one that i've played and obviously the whales have these unbelievable cars that there's just no way to compete with. And that obviously just makes it so that it's the same people every single week. Week after week earning on that high level. So if there are essentially strategies and ways to stop the whales from bringing that detrimental kind of issue to the game, which is just basically controlling it on all levels. That's a very big deal, especially for people in the position of scholars who don't have the opportunity to spend a million dollars on assets and just completely run the game. So that's very cool as well.

BlockchainGameGang: Now we've gone to the end of a lot of what we're talking about here, but I was gonna say, could we take some questions from the audience at this time?

Vladimir: Yeah, thank you all for your attention and for being here to listen to the drunk storytale. Let's stay in touch and if you have any new questions you can reach me out.

BlockchainGameGang: Okay, so guys can we get some of the questions that I saw obviously, is it gonna be playable on cell phones? We already answered that, so in the future that is part of the plan it's going to be browser-based initially. Is there a limit for daily missions? This is what one of our viewers is asking right now.

Vladimir: Yeah there will be gameplay, we will build it soon but there will be many minigames so players can play 24 hours per day. If they want to play this game, they’ll get some points and they can change it to the NFTs and the prizes.

BlockchainGameGang: Very cool. If we reach the total sale of 8,888 robots by the end of this month, will we be expecting the release of the minigames as well at the end of this month, or at the start of October?

Vladimir: The mini game will be available in October, yeah.

BlockchainGameGang: Very cool. We have one viewer asking, how will you sustain the economy long term?

Vladimir: As I mentioned, we have a professional team so we are ready to quickly change and  adapt to current market trends and to build good products which are trending on the market.

BlockchainGameGang: So basically the one of the focal points is going to be the economy. it's not going to be in a position where they're gonna let their coin drop to the ground because of market saturation, and things like that. Now when we're looking at this game, are we looking at stopping people who are trying to multi-account or is that not going to be an issue?

Vladimir: The issue we will regulate is the limit or the supply of the MTL, and if there will be  too much MTL, we will decrease the number of farms themselves and we will increase the utility for the MTL.

BlockchainGameGang: Do you guys have a customer support team or customer support portal that's going to be taking care of issues as they arise? Because it is common in NFTs games where assets get stuck on a wallet or there's a plethora of different things that can happen. So we can't expect the developers to be handling every single issue on a case-to-case basis. Will you have a support team to be dealing with that?

Vladimir: Yeah of course.

BlockchainGameGang: Yeah. There are a lot of projects that really have no support teams or didn't have proper support teams or all they had is moderators in their discord or something like that, which is obviously not sufficient for dealing with real issues. So that's really good to know. When will we be able to get a sneak peek of the gameplay?

Vladimir: You will get it from next week on our social networks.

BlockchainGameGang: Is that going to be in the Discord?

Vladimir: Discord and twitter as well. 

BlockchainGameGang: So, in terms of tokenomics, the tokenomic developer info you haven't seen on the site, someone's saying, so we did actually address that.That's going to be coming out sometime in the next week or so? Was that correct?

Vladimir: Yeah, that's correct.

BlockchainGameGang: We'll be getting all the info about the tokenomics in the next week or so and that will definitely be something interesting. Is the game for single player or multiplayer? There are single-player aspects to the game but also there's going to be the gang aspect so there's single-player and multiplayer things that you can do. You can play mini games or you can raid the banks and things like that. Can my farming unit be stolen? Yes, the apartment units that you capture can be stolen from you so you need to protect them. 

Vladimir: yeah. Robots can't be destroyed, but they can be harmed and lose some characteristics.

BlockchainGameGang: and are you able to get those back by repairing him or something like that?

Vladimir: Yeah. Repairing and you need to strain him as well.
BlockchainGameGang: What do you think is the advantage of Drunk Robots in opposition to other NFT games?

Vladimir: We will decide because it’s too early to answer this question.

BlockchainGameGang: Can you explain how mafia or gang recruitment will go?

Vladimir: For future questions like how it will be playable? How will it look? We will announce it when it will be done but sure we have it in our minds and it is in design now. 

BlockchainGameGang: Okay, and are mafias and gangs the same thing?

Vladimir: yeah. 

BlockchainGameGang: Now we have a question about legendary missions with 6666 robot sales. Can you elaborate on that?

Vladimir: This number is near, and we will announce in the social networks when we'll be close to this number. It's like a mini surprise for our community for early adopters.

BlockchainGameGang: very cool. And those legendary missions are just higher rewards, something along those lines?

Vladimir: Yeah. Small TPA.

BlockchainGameGang: Is there a pool reward for top players of any kind? In terms of the competitive aspect of the game, will there be rewards? For instance, when we're talking about Axie as a comparison point, they have every two months, they have the  leaderboards, so you can play and the top 300 players earn some axs. Will there be something in line with that? like, will there be leaderboards with kind of pool rewards for the top players in the game?

Vladimir: That's right, yeah.

BlockchainGameGang: So there will be a ranking system, and there will be a competitive aspect to the game and there will be a lot of players and opportunities. Someone's asking what is the function of LQT in the game? That's the marketplace token, if I'm not mistaken?

Vladimir: Yes, and there will be some special sales. All the items, which you can buy only with LQT on the marketplace. 

BlockchainGameGang: Very Cool. Does monthly earning potential align with the number of robots? If I have 10 robots, if I'm able to earn 400 a month on one robot, am I now at a potential earning of four thousand dollars a month? 

Vladimir: No, the gameplay is not earning like if you're only owning the robot. You should play to create the game, to rob the bank, and it will depend on your activity first of all, not on the number of robots. However, if you are active and have many robots, you will earn more.

BlockchainGameGang: right, but having 10 times as many robots as someone doesn't mean you're going to earn 10 times as much as that person, basically.

Vladimir: yeah 

BlockchainGameGang: Great, that makes sense. Can we rob other gangs? Yes you can! We've been talking about that. That's going to be the fun part.

Vladimir: Yeah. You should protect your own property.

BlockChainGameGang: I got a question about that, actually. Are we on a 24-hour clock here? like, your properties are attackable at all times or are there going to be times of the day that you're going to want to be online to stop people from attacking your property? How will that work?

Vladimir: I’d say for now, these are small details which should be finally approved by all team members and by our game designers. 

BlockchainGameGang: Of course, that makes sense. There's no point in getting into the intricacies of things that could change. In the next week or two we just gotta wait it out and find out exactly the direction the core team's going to take, but it sounds like they're going to be taking into account a lot of what the community says, and working towards making this community-driven and developer-community built game which sounds really good. Is MTL drop for top three gangs part of the tokenomics that will be released? So I guess the question there is, are we going to be finding out when the tokenomics come out kind of how much the rewards are going to be for the top gangs or is that something that we'll have to wait on longer as well?

Vladimir: Yeah, a little bit to wait when we will finish the game economy and I will release the economy, and there will be a farm unit and three types of farm units, Small, middle, and large, and they will farm intels and other properties in the game will be farmed as well.

BlockchainGameGang:  Can you guys add countries to your discord servers for easier recruitment? as somebody was asking.  

Vladimir: Yeah, it's reasonable. We’re thinking about it. We need to hire a native speaker to moderate the channel, because if there will not be a moderator there will be a mess such as fights, etc. 

BlockchainGameGang: Of course. Even in our community and many communities around, there are great moderators that are very interested in getting involved in projects and things like that. So I definitely think it won't be very difficult for you guys to find moderators in the same fashion that we have, and I think that having those different channels for different speakers would be great. That was it, it's been a great AMA and I've learned a lot. I'm really excited for your project at this point and I definitely want to see more. We love the idea of partnering with you guys in terms of the scholarship program and bringing thousands and thousands of players to the game as well. enjoy the rest of your day, thank you for coming out.

Vladimir: Thank you.


Special Thanks to Rhaenyse, Dominicus and other Exitializ gang members for all their efforts to bring this all together.

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