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Thanabus Cup 2.0 Announcement


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It’s time to finally shed further light on the second iteration for THE premiere Ember Sword event — the Thanabus Cup.

Those of you who were around for the first Thanabus Cup will no doubt remember the shenanigans and communal revelry induced by that event. Since then, our awesome community has grown by about 50,000 members. That’s a lot of fresh faces and boy are we excited to see how the second Thanabus Cup plays out with all these new and amazing people.

So, for the benefit of the, as-of-yet, uninitiated, let’s take some time to explain the whys and the whats of the Thanabus Cup. For a more detailed look at the actual structure and mechanics of the Thanabus Cup, you can read our previous blog post “Introduction to the Thanabus Cup

What is the Thanabus Cup?

The Thanabus Cup is a bi-annual event hosted on the Ember Sword Discord server, which pits all four nations against each other in a fierce, if at times unconventional, competition. The Cup is designed to strike a healthy balance between events which let an individual’s talent shine through and those that require every member of a nation to band together and work towards achieving that week’s goal.

An event as epic as the Thanabus Cup requires some equally exciting prizes. We’ve got you covered on that front. At the end of every competition, a community member will win a plot of land, either because they have won an individual challenge or because they have been selected by a random draw to be that week’s winner. Furthermore, they will receive the unique “Competition Winner 🏆” role and, most importantly, the glory and admiration that comes with it! The main prize of the whole competition is the actual, physical Thanabus Cup, which is proudly displayed in our head office in Aarhus, Denmark, adorned with the name of the winning nation.

And although that is a pretty epic prize, we would like to think that the real prize is the friends and experiences we pick up along the way.


The Goal of the Thanabus Cup

With the Thanabus Cup, we want to celebrate our strong community, as well as the four nations of Thanabus; Solarwood, Duskeron, Sevrend, and Ediseau.

We initially set out to build a community event that would cultivate an environment where you, the citizens of Thanabus, could meet fellow adventurers and build meaningful relationships, even before you’re able to play the game. Throughout the first cup, we saw this happening more than we could have ever hoped, and we’re really looking forward to seeing where the next cup will take us!

Thanabus Cup 2

What’s new this time around?

We’ve really taken our time this year to prepare some top-tier competitions for you! Fans of the previous Thanabus Cup can look forward to some returning events, as well as a fresh spin on some tried and true concepts. But that’s not all. Here are some teasers — we’ll be gunning for a world record and partaking in the largest and most intricate live event we’ve had so far on the Ember Sword Discord server, as well as just having a greater emphasis on live events in general.

Know that we’ve tried to build Thanabus Cup II to be bigger and more ambitious in every way, so as to reflect our considerably larger player base. Of course, we don’t want to give too much away just yet, so stay tuned!

So, when are we starting?

Thanabus Cup II is set to kick off on the 6th of October, 18:00 CEST with our first event, which will be shared in the this-weeks-competition channel on our Discord server. You can expect a new competition to be shared in the same channel for the next 10 weeks, after which we will have our second-ever nation winning the Thanabus Cup!

See you soon.

We’re all extremely excited about what’s to come and we hope you are too! We’ve come a long way since the first competition and we hope that in the future we’ll be able to look back on this upcoming Thanabus Cup just as fondly as we do now upon the previous one.

Good luck in the upcoming competition and we hope to see you October 6th 18:00 CEST!


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