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The Lowdown on The Crypto Prophecies Founders Edition NFTs

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You may have heard about the super scarce, super unique Founders Edition NFTs that will be making their way to The Crypto Prophecies when the game launches.

But what are they? And more importantly, how do you get one?

A Founders Edition NFTs one of a kind Crypto Prophets or Magic Items, of which there will only ever be a maximum of ONE minted per generation. The way our smart contract works is that the first ever Legendary Crypto Prophet character or magic item that is minted will be automatically upgraded to a founders edition. For example, if you are lucky enough to find a Legendary Blaze and you get the first ever Legendary Blaze, then it will be upgraded to Founders edition. The next person to find a legendary Blaze will remain as a Legendary Blaze. The same applies for Magic Items and Magic Pets within the generation.


Due to the probabilities associated with finding the many characters and items in the The Crypto Prophecies generation 1, we might never see certain characters or items minted as Legendary let alone Founders edition. This fact alone increases the scarcity and rarity of Founders editions even more.

The unique Founders NFTs are distinguished by their black bordered cards.

What benefit do Founders NFTs give me?

If you are lucky enough to find a Founders edition Crypto Prophet NFT, while this does not grant you any additional combat benefits, it does grant you a much higher daily prize draw multiplier than typical Legendary TCP NFTs. It gives you a massive 32x multiplier, meaning everytime you win a matched battle you’ll get 32 times your wager in tickets for the daily prize draw.


If you are lucky enough to find a Founders edition magical item such a staff, cape, wand or pet you benefit from an additional 2 seconds of spell damage or protection during battle. Which in such fast paced games is a huge advantage.

How to get a Founders Edition Crypto Prophecies NFT

There will be no way for players to directly summon a Founders Edition character, or magic item NFT. This is because only the first minted Legendary character or item of its type will be upgraded to a Founders Edition NFT. There can only be one of each type per generation.

Since Founders Edition NFTs are limited to one per character, or item in each generation, these NFTs will be super hard to acquire.

So how do you get one, I hear you ask?


Best chance is to purchase the Legendary status summoning stone NFTs at launch, ensuring an 85% chance of summoning a Legendary Crypto Prophet or Magic Item, from there it’s a game of chance hoping you summon the first legendary variant of that character or item.

See below the chances of summoning a Legendary Crypto Prophet or Magic item per each rarity tier of summoning items:


Of course, after launch when these Founders Edition NFTs have been minted, you can search on third-party marketplaces such as OpenSea, but given their rarity, these are likely to hold quite a high value.

Want to get your hands on a Founders Edition NFT?

The Crypto Prophecies NFTs go on sale NEXT WEEK! To prepare yourself and to be first in line (increasing your chances of minting a Founders Edition NFT) sign up for our newsletter, where you’ll receive the latest news and updates about our NFT pre-sale and the launch of the game!


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