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Monsta Mafia Moni Heist

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Monsta Infinite is launching an event for our loyal fans! A total amount of 25,000 MONI tokens will be shared amongst our fans who helped us in this Discord event.

Please be aware that this event is based on our Discord server.

When will the event start and end ?

Monsta Mafia Moni Heist will be held on the
6 October 2021, 16:30 UTC+0 till 31 October 2021, 16:00 UTC+0.

How to enter?

1. Join our Discord server at http://discord.gg/monsta

2. Once entered, participants must fill in this Gleam.io form.

3. Generate your personal server invite link or direct invite your friends.


4. Share your personal invite link with your friends!

1*fY2BOUBbBxPq-QbrexwtwA.jpegDirect invite / Invite link

5. Your share of the 25,000 MONI reward will be allocated according to the amount of genuine new members who entered the server with your invite link.

6. The reward of 25,000 MONI will be divided into all the participants with their share depending on the number of invites.

Example: There are a total of 100,000 verified invites.

Participant 1 had 50,000 invites

Participant 2 had 30,000 invites

Participant 3 had 20,000 invites

The MONI reward will be divided according to the percentage of invites a participant had divided by total invites in the event.

Participant 1 gets 50,000/100,000 = 50% x 25,000 MONI = 12,500 MONI

Participant 2 gets 30,000/100,000 = 30% x 25,000 MONI = 7,500 MONI

Participant 3 gets 20,000/100,000 = 20% x 25,000 MONI = 5,000 MONI

7. Number of invites will be tracked. An invite will only be counted when the invite is a verified user of Discord and does not join and leave the server.

8. There will be a leaderboard that will display the total number of new invites per person.


9. “m/invite” is the command to show your personal stats in the #leaderboard channel.

10. Reward will be distributed based on the leaderboard when the event ends, matching with the info in the gleam.io form.

11. There will be no DMs or E-mails sent, winners will be rewarded as long as the info in the gleam.io form matches with the winners’ Discord tag.
Beware of scammers.

1*zEIKFUMY-3QcaC1CID_jyA.pngDiscord Tag
Things to avoid
  1. Do not invite using http://discord.gg/monsta, it will not be counted. Use your personal Discord invite link / direct invite.
  2. Do not fill the form more than once or you will be disqualified.
  3. If the winners’ Discord tag does not match with the info in the gleam.io form, the reward allocation will not be counted.
Terms And Conditions
  1. Invites will only be valid when the invited members do not leave the server.
  2. Invites will also only be valid for genuine accounts, fake accounts and bots will be filtered.
  3. Only participants who filled and submitted the Gleam.io form can participate in this event.
  4. Results are based on the data we acquire from the Monsta Bot in Discord and the information filled by participants in the Gleam.io form and is final and not negotiable.
  5. Participants who filled the form with the wrong wallet addresses or Discord tags will be disqualified, participants must make sure to fill the form with the correct wallet address and Discord tag.
  6. Participants are only allowed to fill the form once. Participants who filled the form more than once will be automatically disqualified as we will filter out duplicates.
  7. Terms and conditions applied are subject to changes without prior notice.

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