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How Do Things Work in Monsta Infinite

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A detailed explanation of how Monsta Infinite will handle transactions in and out of the Marketplace. These steps are crucial in the long-term sustainability of the financial standpoint of not just the marketplace, but the overall project itself.

1*Iqh8ZJsjp1Glg-CzH_HILw.jpegA detailed infographic on the exchange mechanism

We will implement bridging, where users will link their non-custodial wallets like Metamask to the Binance Smart Chain to bridge their MONI tokens from the Binance Smart Chain into our Monsta Chain.

Users can then obtain STT by utilizing our MONI-STT liquidity pool which is placed inside the Monsta Chain. Note that users can only purchase STT using MONI and not MONI using STT, a one-way transaction in the pool. Only the Masterchef has the right to buy MONI using STT. Note that STT cannot be bridged to the main net until a liquidity pool on BSC is launched which will be launched around the middle of November 2021, before the Alpha Testing.

STT is essential in Monsta Infinite as it will be the sole currency for all in-game-related transactions, which comprises but is not limited to buying and cloning Monstas, levelling up, and any other in-game spending in the future.

The STT accumulated by us from Monsta Sales, cloning, and taxes will be directed into the Master Chef Smart Contract. This step is essential as the STT collected will be used to replenish the MONI-STT pool. The Masterchef will sell STT in return for MONI, which users can re-obtain the STT when they continue to do MONI to STT transactions in the liquidity pool.

As STT demand is tied directly to the shares of MONI in treasury, players and investors will be able to enjoy the affordability and value insurance of both tokens even in the next decade of playing Monsta Infinite. The limited supply of MONI will not be a factor to cause the game to be overcrowded with a lack of resources to play, especially when play-to-earn gameplay starts.

With the MONI governance token being a limited supply, its distribution and usage can make or break the overall project. It is quintessential that we provide the adequate supply and demand of STT along with the properly scheduled and continuous replenishing cycle to ensure healthy and long term economic growth, stability and sustainability of both MONI and STT.

MONI retrieved by the Masterchef from the pool will be deposited into staking treasuries which will be available for all users to stake their MONI tokens in turn for more MONI, available on the 16th September 2022. MONI represents the governance rights and share of ownership over the ecosystem. With the flow of MONI being distributed to all staking investors, it avoids having the entire supply of MONI bought by a small group of individuals within a short period of time; in fact, this aids in the long term circulation and sustainability of MONI, retaining the value of MONI in a steady manner, improving its liquidity and will be deemed a potential long-term investment for both the players and investors.

This continuous process of buying and replenishing the pool creates a continuous cycle that will be essential in ensuring the long term self-sustaining growth and stability of Monsta Infinite’s economical side, making Monsta Infinite the prime candidate for a balanced gaming and economic experience in the GameFi industry, ensuring an affordable and convenient gaming experience to the community which will be built for the long run, easily hovering decades to come.


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