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NFT Crypto Prophets Summoning Probabilities

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With the NFT Shop opening very soon, we wanted to take a deeper look into how summoning works and what probabilities you will have of finding the different rarities of Crypto Prophets and Magic Items.


For those familiar with the whitepaper, you’ll know that each rarity tier of Summoning Stone has different summoning probabilities. For example, the rare Aquamarine Prophet Orbs have an 85% chance of finding a rare Crypto Prophet, but for some lucky players, it also gives a 4% chance to summon an Epic Crypto Prophet and 0.05% of finding a Legendary.

But how exactly does summoning work, and how do these probabilities get decided at the Summoning Portal? Let’s take a look:

The Mechanics of Summoning

Summoning your Crypto Prophets or Magical Items at the fabled Summoning Portal is a game of chance, with predetermined summoning probabilities for each rarity tier as mentioned above.


When you place your Summoning Stone at the Summoning Portal, the random number generator, powered by ChainLink, will take into account the rarity of the Summoning Stone and roll according to the percentages. This is all verifiable on chain as part of the minting transaction.

After your Crypto Prophet or Magical Item’s rarity is decided, the race of the character or magic school of the item will be rolled next, with a 1:4 chance for each race or magic school.

The third and final roll will decide which of the 10 variants of Generation-1 characters or items you will summon from within the race or magic school determined in the previous role. For generation 1 prophets and items, there are 10 variants in each race or magic school, so you have a 1:10 chance for each.

How Summoning Probabilities Can Affect The Population

Because nothing is guaranteed at the Summoning Portal, we are extremely excited to see how these summoning probabilities will affect the population of The Crypto Prophecies.

The initial population of Generation-1 Crypto Prophets will have a maximum of 112,040 NFT Crypto Prophets, which will reduce with time as NFTs get burned to level up rarity tiers. As such, summoning probabilities will have a huge impact on how the first generation of Crypto Prophets shapes up.

Here are some things that could realistically happen due to the random nature of summoning in The Crypto Prophecies.

A world devoid of Ripptilians

What happens if no one summons a Ripptilian character throughout the entirety of Generation 1? How much would a collector be willing to pay for Summoning Stones in order to summon the very first Ripptilian late in the generation? What happens if you own the only Ripptilian of Generation 1? Exciting thought?

Satoshian overpopulation

Imagine that the Satoshians are the most popular race to be summoned, flooding the population map with Satoshian NFTs. What then happens when most of these get burned in order to upgrade them to higher rarity tiers? Do the Satoshians then become the most scarce, more valuable race later in Generation 1?


The last Etherian left alive

Having the last Common Etherian left in the Generation-1 population could be very profitable due to it being the last remaining one, the only one of its kind, despite being a Common. A very attractive proposition for collectors maybe?

However, it could also hold less value due to the very fact that it’s a Common and no one has a need for it. How will it play out in the secondary market? At the end of the day, the Crypto Prophecies NFT economy is entirely player-owned, so this situation could play out in a variety of ways, all of which could be very exciting.

What is the value of a Founders edition Tezmanian?

With our Population Map, a feature being developed, players will easily be able to see the numbers and rarities of all NFT characters and items minted in the world of The Crypto Prophecies across all generations.

You would, for example, be able to see if there are no Founders Edition Tezmanian Crypto Prophets in existence. Would that make you more eager to try and mint the first Tezmanian Legendary in order to mint a Founder? What would that do to the value of Legendary Prophet Orbs? Yet another exciting thought…

Or, would you instead purchase more Epic Prophet Orbs to try and attain 5 Tezmanian Epic Crypto Prophets to burn to a Legendary, and thus mint a guaranteed Founder’s Edition? The race is on!

These are just some examples of how the summoning probabilities could have a huge effect on the NFT economy and market of The Crypto Prophecies. However, it’s all up to you, our players, and we can’t wait to see how you shape the world of The Crypto Prophecies when it launches.

Gear Up For The NFT Sale

Our NFT Sale is upon us! Are you ready to get your Summoning Stones, Magic Potions and start shaping the future of Opulentos?

We’ve prepared a checklist to help you prepare for the drop, check it out here.


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