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Explaining the TCP Daily Prize Draw

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The NFT Sale is coming up and it is important to understand the different Crypto Prophet Rarity Tiers and how they affect the game.


One important aspect that will be greatly influenced by the rarity of your Crypto Prophet, is the number of tickets you’ll receive for the TCP Daily Prize Draw.

Daily Prize Draw

If you’ve read the whitepaper, you’ll know that 3% of all wagers placed in The Crypto Prophecies Battle Arena is taken for the Kingdom Fee, which we explained here.

Every day, the smart contracts automatically assign 40% of the Kingdom Fee to the Daily Prize pool from which every daily player stands a chance to win their share of the pool via 25 daily TCP prizes.

That’s right! Twenty-five (25) lucky Crypto Prophecies players will win their share of TCP prizes in the Daily Prize Draw! There is no limit on the number of tickets, wins or prizes a single player can have.

The prize pool gets bigger depending on the number of players and the size of their wagers on any given day. So the more players placing wagers in the Battle Arena, the bigger the Daily Prize pool grows!

The Prophet Tiers

So why does this matter? Well, your chances of winning in the Daily Prize Draw get exponentially higher the more Daily Prize Draw tickets you earn by competing in the Battle Arena.

The more you play, the more chances you win.

If you have a Common Crypto Prophet and win the battle, your ticket multiplier is a straight 1:1. However, if you have a Legendary Crypto Prophet, your ticket multiplier grows to 1:16 and Founder Crypto Prophets get an astonishing 1:32!


The more games you play, the more tickets you will earn, so developing your Crypto Prophet through the tiers, or owning a high-rarity tier Crypto Prophet certainly pays dividends.

Watch Your Crypto Prophets Rise Through The Tiers and Wield More Power With The Crypto Prophecies

The Crypto Prophecies is launching soon, and you can give yourself a head start on the competition when the NFT sale drops! To prepare yourself and to be first in line sign up for our newsletter, where you’ll receive the latest news and updates about our NFT pre-sale and the launch of the game!


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