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Why release the Marketplace Feature gradually?

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We realised that there has been a dilemma amongst our community regarding the latest Marketplace Feature being released gradually. Although out of the ordinary, we are certain that this measure would be in the best interest of not only the overall project of Monsta Infinite but the best interest of the community as well.

The Marketplace is not a single feature. Instead, it is a platform containing a series of features, from registering your Monsta wallet to bridging MONI into Monsta Chain and so on. If we went with the scenario of releasing all of the distinct features at the same time and date, there would be a major possibility that the majority of players would miss out on all the wonderful features and sales events, taking the selling of Normal Monstas for example.

There will be a learning curve in utilising the variable features on the Marketplace. Imagine the scenario where on the same day, players would require to go through and get used to several steps in the Marketplace before placing any purchase; from registering their Personal Monsta Wallet to bridging their MONI token, to Swapping MONI for STT and finally using the STT tokens for any transactions. At the same time, there will be players already at the end phase, purchasing Monstas, thus reducing the number of Monstas on sale or probably being sold out.

We had a goal in mind to ensure all users would get the equal opportunity in purchasing Monstas on our Marketplace, and releasing all the features in the Marketplace simultaneously will go against it. With the gradual release of features implemented, it would increase the possibility of impartiality amongst all users in purchasing Monstas upon the Marketplace launching.

This step would also be crucial in terms of retaining the system stability of the Marketplace. In the scenario of releasing all the features simultaneously and faults of any of the features occur, it would leave a negative effect on the stability of the entire project, especially with the fact that our entire economic standpoint would rely mainly on the stability and sustainability of both MONI and STT, MONI being listed on exchanges like a public listed company.

We are certain that we would not take such a major risk, not even a small part of it, as we will not take such measures that may affect the interest of our communities negatively. The current situation would be a very different scenario as compared to any other conventional applications where we can just patch up any issues when something goes wrong. We became proficient with this when taking notes of other previous projects in the GameFi or any other crypto-related projects.

In a more neutral point of view, we’ve seen the trend amongst our community and are certain that there will be possibilities where certain members of our communities might miss out on official information released or the scenario where certain members of the community might receive such information at a later date. Consequently, these users would enter the Marketplace at a later date or missing out on any Marketplace sales and events entirely.

By releasing the official information and features in a gradual manner, it would reduce the possibility of users missing out on any of the features while increasing new members into joining our Marketplace and our game upon release. As clarified in the previous articles, this would benefit Monsta Infinite in ensuring the long term sustainability and growth of our overall project while increasing the value of rewards for both our investors and players in the long term.

We would like to clarify once again that we would release all the Marketplace features in a gradual manner with the official time and dates being announced to our official social media platforms. This measure would not only benefit Monsta Infinite in ensuring a smooth Marketplace launch and stability of our Marketplace system but would also be in the best interest of all members of our community in enjoying a smooth and convenient platform that will benefit them in the long term.


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