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October Development Update


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Key Points

We’re entering the final quarter of what’s been an historic year for the Axie nation. Over the last month we’ve made great strides in our quest to bring blockchain to the world. 

What will the final 3 months hold for our movement? 

Before we dive in, we want to take a moment to say thank you to each and every member of the Axie community. We have an amazing and diverse movement comprised of:

  • PVP battlers

  • Breeders

  • Scholars

  • Scholarship Managers

  • Streamers/Youtubers

  • Artists

  • Community Developers

Each one of you has an important role in the years to come as we make sure that Axie spreads to every corner of Earth.

📈 Growth

Axie is growing at a healthy and steady pace. We believe that we’re currently in a relatively quiet period as we gear up for the launch of the Ronin Dex and Battles V2.

  • Daily active players has crossed 2 million!

  • Axie remains the #1 application by monthly revenue. We are lagging only Ethereum itself.

  • Axieinfinity.com is one of the top 500 most popular websites in the world according to Amazon’s Alexa ranking!

  • While Axie is still the #1 project by 30 day volume, we’ve seen volume cool off a bit. This is a normal fluctuation. The data also shows that most of the top NFT projects saw bigger drops in volume recently. One day, we hope that the Axie economy will completely de-couple from the rest of crypto/NFTs but that day is still a ways off!

https%3A%2F%2Fbucketeer-e05bbc84-baa3-43A sneak peak of the V2 cards!

⚔️ Battles V2

Battles V2 (Axie Infinity: Origin) is our massive battle upgrade that will make Axie faster, more fun, and easier for your friends and family to get started with!

We’re gearing up for an internal test of Origin. If it passes this period of internal testing then we will release it to a select group of veteran battlers as a next step.

This month we were primarily focused on balancing cards, improving art and animations, and making the user interface easier to understand. This was a lot of polishing in preparation for getting it into the hands of real testers!

🌾 Land

Land is a game mode that’s under development. Initially, it will allow players to build up a base by gathering resources and building structures and decorations. Eventually players will be able to fight for control of neutral territory and build custom experiences on top of their land plots.

This month the land team:

  • Started work on the latest upgrade to the art.

  • Increased the total size of land plots to allow for more functionality.

  • Worked on defining rules and requirements around inventory management.

  • Defined the different map and camera views.

  • Worked on tech trees and structures.

  • Defined the bonuses and advantages of various land types.

  • Started research and experimentation around upgrade resource requirements.

🐦 Ronin 

Ronin is our scaling solution for NFT games starting with Axie. It’s the most used Ethereum sidechain for NFTs.

The release of AXS staking was the major event of the month! So far over 25% of the AXS supply has been staked. Between AXS staking and the treasury, over 50% of the AXS supply is now locked out of circulation.

https%3A%2F%2Fbucketeer-e05bbc84-baa3-43Source: Nansen
  • Ronin now has over $5 B in assets deposited.

    Stake AXS

  • Ronin wallet passed 2 M downloads!

  • Ronin hit a new record of  daily active addresses of 428,536 on October 4th!

  • Ronin Dex is getting closer! We now have a target launch date. We will not disclose this yet in case we need to push it. 

  • You can now buy AXS and SLP on Ronin using card through Ramp Network!


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