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How To Summon Your Crypto Prophets and Magical Items

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So, you’ve bought yourself a NFT Summoning Stone in The Crypto Prophecies NFT Sale, but what’s next? How do you use that Summoning Stone to bring your Crypto Prophet, or Magic Items, into the Crypto World?

Just follow these easy steps to summon your Crypto Prophets or Magic Items at the fabled Summoning Portal.

1. Load up The Crypto Prophecies Dapp

Head to app.thecryptoprophecies.com and connect using your MetaMask wallet via the browser extension. Make sure to use the same wallet you used to purchase your NFTs in the shop.


2. Head to the Summoning Portal

Next you’ll want to head to Opulentos’ ancient Summoning Portal, which can be found by clicking the Summoning Orb icon on the left-hand side of the interface, which will load up this screen.

Here you’ll be able to see all the Summoning Stones in your inventory and wallet.


3. Select a Summoning Stone to use

You’ll be able to select the Summoning Stone you wish to use. Upon selection, each stone will show you the required number of Magic Potions you’ll need to activate the Summoning Stone at the Portal. You can also view more details on each stone, such as what probabilities it has of summoning different rarity of items or prophets.


4. Using Magic Potions

Click the Use & Summon button to initiate the summoning spell and confirm that you will use the specified amount of Magic Potions to activate the Summoning Stone.


This is an on-chain transaction so you will need to confirm this through the MetaMask Browser Extension.

You will then receive confirmation that the transaction was successful or not.


5. Summoning your Crypto Prophet or Magical Item

Once your transaction has successfully completed, you’ll see the summoning animation, and you’ll be greeted by your new Crypto Prophet, or Magical Item. This will also show you what rarity of prophet or item you have summoned. The NFT will be added to your inventory and wallet and is ready to used in the Battle Arena.


Did You Know: If you’re lucky enough to summon the first first ever Legendary Crypto Prophet character or magic item, it will be automatically upgraded to a unique Founders Edition NFT?

Ready To Join The Battle Arena?

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