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⚔️ Axie Arena Season 19!


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Key Points

  • PVP season 19 is live with 3,000 AXS in rewards (currently valued at $400,000+)

  • MMR has been reset to seasonal: everyone begins with 1,200

  • We’ve launched a major rebalancing patch based on data collected over the past months.

  • We’ve adjusted the formulas for both bonus damage on critical strikes as well as the skill stats effect on bonus damage for combos.

Our season structure rewards you for climbing the leaderboard with boosted SLP drops and juicy AXS prizes. With AXS at around 150 USD, the seasonal rewards are over 400,000 USD! Season 19 will conclude on December 21st at 4 PM GMT +7.


⚖️ Card Balancing

We know that you all have been eagerly awaiting a balancing patch. We’ve made changes that will boost certain cards and balance the power of some cards that were overly prevalent in the meta. When we make these changes we look at data produced from the Last season, Leaderboard, Tournaments, as well as the most recent off-season.

You can find a graphic with the balancing changes below:


🛡️ Crit Formula Update

One of the largest areas of feedback we’ve received is that critical strikes were too random and too often decided the course of games. We believe the root cause for this was that Axies with High Speed & HP have a higher average number of cards played per game. This meant that despite critting less frequently as a percentage of cards played, these Axies were still critting too much relative to their morale as they had more opportunities, on average.

To address this, we’ve made bonus damage on critical strikes dependent on morale. So even if low morale Axies crit now, they’ll crit for less damage. We believe this will also balance high speed/high hp Axies which were becoming a bit too powerful in the meta.

🔍 Skill Formula Update

We’ve changed the formula for calculating extra damage on combos from skill. This will increase the utility of skill as a stat— it was quite weak when compared to HP and Speed especially.

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