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Ask Me Anything session on Nov 17th 2021


AMA#1: November 17 2021

Join the LEAGUE OF KINGDOMS Discord Server!

Hello! Dear Kings, Queens, Landlords, @everyone

Thank you for joining our AMA session.

There were close to 100 people joined real-time at the peak, and I’m grateful for your support and enthusiasm. I hope this AMA session has answered some of your questions. We will be releasing more information in the future, and more AMAs will come as well.

Here are the answers to the questions we got!!

🪙 Questions regarding $LOKA:

1/Will $LOKA add a P2E mechanism to the game? How will the community rewarded? (by PeniazeInternetu @PeniazeWebu)

→ $LOKA is a governance token issued by TPA Metaverse foundation and will be adopted into League of Kingdoms universe. It won’t directly represent the P2E mechanism. $SOD will do it. Gamers will be rewarded with the tokens for playing the game.

2/Could it be that $LOKA is a type of coin that uses the ETH networK? Any ideas on multichain possibilities? (by [GRDI] °SpongeBob°, JKLGamer, Lange)

→ The bottomline is that $LOKA will be on Ethereum, but we have plans to leverage other scaling solutions to make the $LOKA transaction more smooth and convenient.

3/Will you have an in game marketplace? (by Cho)

→ Yes- we will have an in-game marketplace by early next year.

4/Will you sell more lands in the future? (by Cho)

→ Yes- we will have land sales next year. The schedule is to be determined.

5/What will be the total supply of $LOKA (by Cpt.Obvious)

→ 500,000,000

6/Do you plan on expanding your Dev team and allocating capital to improve the game? (by 10KoranG )

→ Yes, we will leverage our private and public funding to scale our dev team and community/marketing efforts.

7/Do you plan on having a private sale? (by 10KoranG)

→ We already had a successful private sale raised from world-class investors which will be announced in detail in a few days.

8/How to buy / earn $LOKA (by qonemen )

→ A small portion of $LOKA will first be sold through a public sale and then distributed through P2E game bounty, staking rewards, ecosystem rewards, etc..

9/Will there be any events in-game to reward free 2 play (f2p) players with tokens? like in CvC for example? (by Cobra)

→ That is completely possible and we have a token pool specifically for that. The game issuance will be distributed as a prize for the events and competitions, like CvC. (But you must still have a wallet and fund the transaction😅)

10/When Skin NFT? (by Cobra)

→ New Skin NFTs will be minted in the future. These limited quantity NFTs are different from current skins in circulation and will come with innovative features. More details will be announced in the future.

11/Will there be a treasury and staking? (by CrypticOne)

→ There will be a treasury vault to capture values across the platform and staking rewards to reward token stakers.

12/Will landowners earn $LOKA instead of current DAI reward? (by JKLGamer)

→ That is correct.

13/Will active players earn SOD from daily quests just like SLP in Axie Infinity? (by JKLGamer)

→ More details regarding SOD will be announced in the future.

14/Is there a whitepaper for the $LOKA token? (by UserOne)

→ A litepaper is currently being drafted to be published in a few days.

15/What are the planned use-case scenarios of the LOKA token? (by UserOne)

→ The primary use cases are to vote, upgrade NFTs, stake for yields, and make purchases. But the utility is not exhaustive.

16/How long do you expect the LOK project to last (by UserOne)

→ We expect the project to last decades through decentralized governance. As a baseline, the token will be fully vested in 5 years and the game will gradually transition into DAO and be governed and maintained by the community.

🎮 Questions regarding the current & future of the League of Kingdoms gameplay:

1/When will devs fix the lag (by KnightsNFury)🥺

→ We have introduced an automatic system that adjusts the server capacity based on the stress level. We will have to see how well it performs on the next CvC, but we are really hoping that it solves the lag issue we had so far.

2/What is one of the bigger Game Features you can think we should be excited for next. (by Lange)

→ The new CvC.

There will be a MAJOR UPDATE on CvC. It will be a month-long event, with 8 continents fighting together. There will be different zones you will have to conquer. These zones will be blocked from traveling at the beginning of the CvC, and the gates will open up progressively as the time passes. And there will be a new monster and events.

We will be releasing more details in the near future.

There are other projects still on the menu, such as the Monster Invasion event that we tease way too early.

Btw, I can now confirm that C9–14 will be participating in the next CvC, which will probably be the last old-style CvC. There will be two sets of CvC going on together, one for C1–8, and the other for C9–14, so get yourself ready.

In short,

  • Next CvC (22nd Nov) = usual CvC we had. with C1–8 & C9–14
  • Next next CvC (Dec) = the new updated CvC.

3/Are we going to allow trade in of excessive treasury fragments for $LOKA, or will there be any other use? (by Eyebroo and many other users)

→ We do have some plans for the extra treasure pieces in the future. We are hoping to release something when the new CvC starts.

4/ How exactly does charms’ and boosts effect work? (by Past)

→ The following answer applies to both the charms and the item buffs.

What’s important is whether the buff is on ‘when the action starts.’

If the buff was on when the action starts, the effect will last till the action finishes.

For example, if you got the construction buff on, and then started constructing something, it will last for the entire duration of the construction. Same goes for the research, and killing the monster.

So think of the duration of the charm as a window of opportunity to start that action.

For the monster hunt, the action starts when the actual fight begins, not when the troops depart, so keep that in mind.

The one exception is the gathering. For gathering, buff can go on and off in the middle of the process. As the gathering is very a bit too long, but not as long as constructions and all that, we made an exception for it.

Hope this clarifies all the confusions.

5/ What are the exact mechanics of combat? What are the exact mechanics of hp/defense/attack when in combat? (by many users)

→ First off, the troop types. the infantry beats the archer, the archer beats the cavalry, and the cavalry beats the infantry. This is the basis of the troop type relationship, and the advanced research is there to strengthen the effects.

For the HP/ defense / attack: bottom line is that you deduct the number comparing the attack and defense from the hp. There is an elaborate equation behind comparing the attack and defense, so it is not a straight simple deduction.

For the buff and debuff to have the same type of effect, you just add up the buff and debuff and then apply the effect. For example, if you have +20% buff and -30% debuff, you will get a -10% debuff applied to your defense.

Lastly, for the advanced research saying ‘XX effect on DEFENSE’ it will also apply when you are defending the citadel and the congress.

6/What kind of NFT is coming out in the future? (by Surffer)

→ There will be the “DRAGO” coming out as NFT. More details will be released in the future.

Check AMA Live session rebroadcast below 👇



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