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Project SEED Presents: The Fan Art Competition


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The launch of our $SHILL token was a massive success and to celebrate we wanted to host a special competition and giveaway to highlight the talented artists, creators, and crypto creatives in our community. From now until November 30th, create and share your best fan art, use the hashtag #ProjectSEEDFanArt and tag @ProjectSeedGame to enter!

The total prize pool of the giveaway is 7k USD worth of $SHILL tokens, with amounts determined at the time of distribution. There will be 8 finalists chosen in total, 4 of which will be winners and the other 4 runner-ups. There will also be 10 randomly selected from the entry list to receive a participation prize. Winners will receive $1000 USD worth of $SHILL each, while runner-ups will receive $500 USD worth of $SHILL. The participation prize will be $100 USD in $SHILL for each person selected. All finalists advancing to the later round will be determined by the core Project SEED team. The later round will be community judged via a polling system. The participation prizes

How To Enter

Complete the following tasks outlined below by following our gleam link here: https://gleam.io/p6QMQ/project-seed-presents-the-fan-art-competition

  1. Follow @ProjectSeedGame on Twitter
  2. Join the Project SEED Telegram chat here
  3. Join the Project SEED Telegram Announcement Channel here
  4. Share your original artwork on the theme of anything relating to the Project SEED gaming metaverse using the hashtag #ProjectSEEDFanArt and tag @ProjectSeedGame
  5. Entries will only be accepted until November 30th at 11:59 PM UTC.
  6. Winners will be directly contacted by the Project SEED Team to determine distribution details. Please have a Solana or BSC wallet, that is not an exchange wallet.


1st Place (4 Winners) — We will distribute 1,000 USD worth of $SHILL tokens determined at the time of distribution.

2nd Place (4 Runner-ups) — We will distribute 500 USD worth of $SHILL tokens determined at the time of distribution.

3nd Place (10 Random Participants) — We will distribute 100 USD worth of $SHILL tokens determined at the time of distribution.


Nov.21 — Competition Begins @ 5 AM UTC
Nov.30 — Submission Deadline @ 11:59 PM UTC
Dec.1–3 — Random Participants are randomly drawn and Finalists are selected by Project SEED team
Dec.4 — Finalists are announced and contacted via Twitter and Telegram
Dec.6 — Match-up #1 begins, voting poll opens @ 8 AM — 11:59 PM UTC
Dec.7 — Match-up #2 begins, voting poll opens @ 8 AM — 11:59 PM UTC
Dec.8 — Match-up #3 begins, voting poll opens @ 8 AM — 11:59 PM UTC
Dec.9 — Match-up #4 begins, voting poll opens @ 8 AM — 11:59 PM UTC
Dec.10 — Random Participants, Winners and Runner-ups are announced
Dec.15–30 — Prizes will be distributed within this range of dates.

Rules and Selection Criteria

Stage 1 — To Qualify For Consideration:

  1. All entries must be original and verifiable (no plagiarism) and contain no copyrighted material
  2. Project SEED reserves the right to disqualify entries when authenticity and originality cannot be verified
  3. By submitting an entry, you are giving permission for Project SEED to share your work on all social media platforms and public-facing channels. In addition, you are giving Project SEED permission to show, copy, or use your work (including the right to create and issue multiple NFTs of your work).
  4. Those who submit non-winning entries will retain ownership over their artwork.
  5. Entries must be submitted on Twitter with the accompanying hashtag #ProjectSEEDFanArt. Users must follow the @ProjectSeedGame Twitter handle as well.
  6. Project SEED reserves the right to exclude any entry for consideration for any reason.
  7. Voting manipulation is strictly prohibited during the public voting period. Project SEED reserves the right to unilaterally decide the voting outcome if there is suspicion of voting manipulation or other fraud taking place.
  8. Project SEED reserves the right to disqualify anyone who is deemed to break any of the above rules or act with malicious intent.
  9. Project SEED reserves the right to cancel or amend any contest or contest rules at our sole discretion.
  10. Entrants’ requirements will be validated prior to the winners being drawn. In the event an entrant does not meet the requirements they will be removed from the list of possible winners.
  11. All of the conditions above apply to all the stages outlined below.

Stage 2 - Finalists Announced (Dec.4): 8 finalists will be determined at the discretion of the Project SEED team, based on a combination of factors including but not limited to: creativity, innovation, and aesthetic appeal.

Stage 3 -10 Random Participation Winners Selected (Dec.4): winners are drawn randomly from the participants list. Winning submissions will be reviewed for originality and announced after the final rounds have completed.

Stage 4 - 4 Finals Art Battles Begin (Dec.6): Finalists will be paired up in a randomly selected 2 versus 2 match-up, where their artwork will be judged head-to-head by the community, via a twitter poll. The artwork with the most votes by the poll deadline will be crowned victorious.

*The dates above are subject to change without prior notice.

#ProjectSEEDFanArt — Enter now


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