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bTCP Explained — The Crypto Prophecies Bonus Token Utility


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bTCP Explained — The Crypto Prophecies Bonus Token Utility


bTCP is The Crypto Prophecies’ bonus token and allows us to reward our players in new and exciting ways.

The first of which will be a new addition to the Kingdom Vault, which will allow players to stake their TCP and earn bTCP tokens at a high APR.

But why would you want to earn bTCP?

Well, bTCP is matched 1:1 with TCP, meaning that one bTCP token is worth one TCP token.

bTCP will only have in-game utility and will not be available for purchase or trading on any exchanges.

Users will be able to use bTCP tokens to place in-game wagers in the Battle Arena. Any bTCP used for wagering in the Battle Arena will be converted to TCP and the winner of the battle will earn the TCP winnings as in any battle.

This means that you can only convert your bTCP tokens into TCP through gameplay giving you more in-game tokens to wager fearlessly in high value battles.

Referral Rewards

Those who participated in our pre-launch Referral campaign will soon be able to claim their bTCP referral rewards.

Enter The Battle Arena

It’s time to gear up your NFT Crypto Prophets, load up your TCP and enter the Battle Arena. Play The Crypto Prophecies NOW!


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