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Announcement of $SIPHER Token Public Sale


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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Why we made SIPHER

SIPHER was born from the pure passion for games and the desire to embrace blockchain technology to bring about massive innovation in the gaming & entertainment space.

What SIPHER is about

SIPHER is a live action, light-roleplaying, a procedurally generated, cooperative and competitive dungeon crawler and battle arena game with a great story and fun cast of playable characters. The world will be set in the sci-fi fantasy world. The environment will feel immersive with aspiring characters that will keep the players engaged for years to come.

SIPHER’s mission

We aim to design and develop our game through main design pillars:‌

  • Expansive, compelling and thought-provoking world story
  • Immediate fun for the new players
  • Allow non competitive players to enjoy the experience
  • Digital assets (characters, equipments, weapons, auras) must be ownable and valuable
  • Repeatable gaming sessions with social & magical moments.
  • A low-friction user experience for non-crypto natives

What we have accomplished so far

In the past 2 months, we have secured the backing from Industry leading VCs to support and contribute to the vision of SIPHER! They are amongst the best people in the space to back a blockchain gaming company, with smashing successes in companies such as Axie Infinity, YGG, Guilds of Guardians and many more. For more news about SIPHER, please visit Sipher 📍 News

1*IX336cXPr2Yl-U-9QsTGjg.jpegSuccessful Seed Round of $6.85m led by Arrington, Konvoy & #Hashed

Building the SIPHER dream team

We have grown up to having 75 people in our team, spread across Vietnam 🇻🇳 , US 🇺🇸, Europe 🇳🇱, Singapore 🇸🇬, Philippines 🇵🇭 Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and Indonesia 🇮🇩.

We have recently onboarded our very own movie director & story writer to further develop the vision of Sipheria, it’s lore, our in-game cinematics, cutscenes and more!

We have also started collaborations with industry veteran studios like UXIF and Mobile Game Doctors.

SIPHER is also very proud to be in partnership with many prominent guilds such as YGG, Merit Circle, MTTM, Salad Guild, GWD, Avocado Guild, GuildFi, Railings University, ReadyPlayerDao, Salad Ventures, YGG SEA and many more in the waiting list.

We have grown our Discord to 120,000 members full of game loving enthusiasts.

Simply put, we are making strides and it’s all thanks to our amazing supporters and community.

The public sale of $SIPHER tokens

1*b-zIgphssMQ4gNqUfr9SAg.png$SIPHER token public sale is coming soon!

With all the above said, we are extremely excited to announce the Public Sale of our $SIPHER token. This token will be the foundation of the SIPHER universe, with its utilities focused as the multifunctional governance of the SIPHER universe plus added utility in-game for policies surrounding the game. By having this token, we envision that going forward, our community will be with us side-by-side building this amazing world, brick by brick, guild by guild and planet by planet.

The public sale of a token is one of the most important milestone of our project as it involves having a part of the circulating supply distributed to the open market, to the hands of as many supporters, believers and fans as possible. When we were deliberating about the $SIPHER token public sale, we had a few of goals in mind: fair access to all, the ability to have price adapted to overall demand, minimize the manipulations of bots and whales and complying as much as logistically possible with many legal frameworks across many countries.

The public sale will take place on the 6th of December on our official Sipher website. Within the next few days, we will be announcing the details of our Sale mechanics via our information channels at Atlas, Medium, Twitter and Discord. The Public sale will last for 72 hours so there is no rush to buy. Please do be extremely careful of frauds and scams.

With everyone having more possibilities to participate in SIPHER, we believe the future is indeed bright.

As always, we thank you our community for their trust. You guys are amazing!

Tin Nguyen

Sipher World Architect

Note: There are many scams happening as well as attacks on Discord, Twitter of other projects. At Sipher we strive to implement the best security measures as possible, however nothing is ever 100% foolproof. So please stay vigilant, be very wary of scams. There is no $Sipher tokens trading in the market. Sipher will NEVER do sudden announcements, no sudden sale, no early birds sale etc. If it looks like a scam, it is probably a scam.

Disclaimer: Sipher is a blockchain-based video game. Acquiring/holding/owning/using $Sipher and $Ather tokens does not provide/guarantee you or anybody else dividends or any kind of returns. Acquiring $Sipher and $Ather tokens does not provide you with any rights in any jurisdiction. $Sipher and $Ather token are not a currency but an internet digital unit of non-financial utility that can be used solely in the Sipher ecosystem. The Sipher ecosystem shall not be liable to you or anybody else for any damage or(and) losses in any connections with $Sipher and $Ather tokens. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer please consider leaving this website and never acquire/hold/own/use $Sipher and $Ather tokens. Any person considering acquiring $Sipher should consider seeking independent financial advice.


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