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Marketplace Black Friday Sale


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Monsta community rejoice! Monsta Infinite is hosting a Black Friday Sale on the 26th of November 2021 on the Marketplace. Get your xSTT ready in your Monsta Wallet because the Monstas are only available while stocks last. There will not be any additional Monstas on sale when they are sold out so be fast!

Monstas For Sale

20 Inception Monstas at the price of 1000 xSTT

50 Normal Monstas (0/4 clone usage) at the price of 100 xSTT

Both Monstas will be sold at a fixed price basis and will be released gradually and randomly within the 14-hour timeframe, starting from 26th November 2021 00:00 GMT+0 to 14:00 GMT+0 so be aware of the Marketplace for these surprise Monstas!

Terms and Conditions
  1. The sale will take place in the Marketplace at https://marketplace.monstainfinite.com/marketplace.
  2. We do not have any other platforms to conduct any sales or trades and we do not endorse any third-party sales and trades.
  3. The Monstas will be released at random times to ensure fairness between the community. all the Monstas will be released within a 14-hour timeframe, from 26th November 2021 00:00 GMT+0 to 14:00 GMT+0
  4. This will be a one-time sale and there will not be any new addition of Monstas for sale other than the one stated above. The sale will end after all 70 Monstas are sold out.
  5. Monsta Infinite reserves the right to amend any details of this event without prior notice.

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