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Sipher Officially Partners with P2E Guilds


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Sipher officially partners with P2E gaming guilds to help build and onboard players into Sipheria and further develop the blockchain gaming and tech industry.


The rise of blockchain technologies and digital tokens has clearly been demonstrated throughout the past few years. These technologies have brought new ways for us to interact in the digital world. More specifically, we can prove ownership over digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and digital media such as images, music, videos, and even in-game assets. Speaking of in-game assets, the gaming industry has evolved to the point in which players can claim complete ownership over in-game characters and in-game resources they’ve gathered. This means that after their hard work, they can store these in-game items and resources in their own digital wallets. These wallets can be connected to the game so that players can utilize them, or trade with other players for other items or even real-world money.

The blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs have all played a huge role in the creation of new game industry mechanisms, such as “Play-2-Earn” (P2E). There is a new wave of so-called “crypto games” that make use of cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which represent in-game assets such as characters, items, equipment, land, currencies, etc. As such, players can earn these in-game items and exchange them for other digital assets or for real-world money. P2E games make use of these technologies and provide players with opportunities to earn real-world money by playing.

The P2E industry is still considered to be in its early stages. However, some of the games that have been launched have had much success by following this P2E approach. They have reached a point where players find ways to strategize and turn their gaming experience into a profitable business. Some of the players have even grouped with others in order to create an even more efficient “money-making” process, via the creation of P2E Guilds.

What are P2E Guilds?

If you’ve ever played online games, you may have already heard of, created your own, or even joined a Guild. These Guilds are formed by a group of players who play the game together and help each other reach their in-game goals. They are also typically identified by their guild name and banners. However, within the P2E industry, Guilds are much more than that. They are still formed by groups of players or participants, but with the monetary incentive and opportunities, these Guilds have become much larger and there is a lot more ‘real-world’ interaction. It’s not just about gaming anymore, it’s much bigger.

To put things into perspective, there are many Guilds that play and participate in the ecosystem of one of the most successful P2E games, Axie Infinity. These Guilds have researched the game mechanics deeply, and have found ways to streamline the process for playing and earning. Additionally, they have been able to create pools of funds or their NFTs (Axies, and resources such as AXS and SLP, in this case), so that they can “rent” or “loan” them to guild members that do not have these resources. These guild members may not have the monetary resources but still would like to provide their time and have a chance at earning money. It’s a win-win given that the owners of the resources (i.e. NFTs or in-game items) typically don’t have the time to play with all their NFTs, and those other guild members can do the playing for them and obtain a “slice of the pie”.

Benefits of Guilds in P2E Projects

Some of these benefits include:

  • Onboarding and organizing a large amount of players, which are typically their loyal guild members
  • Providing critical and useful feedback as it relates to the gameplay, P2E mechanisms, and economy of the game.
  • Bringing many “long-term holders” to the community of the project. Meaning that most of these guilds and their members join a project and its community for the long run.

Additionally, within any given project, these guilds also provide incentives or benefits to their guild members, such as:

  • Providing opportunities for those who do not have funds to get started, so they can have a chance to earn. This can be achieved via “lending” or “renting” as described previously.
  • Potential discounts or “set prices” of in-game assets for their guild members, via partnerships with these P2E projects.

It is important to note that some of these benefits have been incredibly life-changing for some individuals in the P2E gaming space. Specifically, some individuals have been able to turn their life around for the better, all thanks to these guilds. Within the past few years, more news have been surging, about players in lower-income countries, such as the Philippines, being able to put food on their table and live a more comfortable life all by playing games such as Axie Infinity. Many of them have made their way thanks to P2E guilds and what they have to offer.

Sipher’s Approach to Guilds

Some of the plans we have in mind that will benefit both guilds and our community members include:

  • The creation of a Guild Directory or “Hub” within our website. We believe that this should facilitate the recruitment process for the guilds and prospective players. Additionally, it can benefit guilds given that they would be featured directly on our website. It should also help with making their onboarding process much more efficient.
  • Hosting Guild exclusive activities (such as the latest guild competition) that benefit the community as a whole, and also hosting exclusive guild giveaways.
  • Creating exclusive guild communication channels. Currently, we have created these channels and are hosting them within our Sipher Discord, and we have noticed a higher amount of engagement throughout our Discord.
  • Early Game Testing & Feedback: Guilds are the eyes and ears of their community, our future player base and therefore are some of the best sources of suggestions and feedback.
  • Reservation of in-game NFT assets that are crucial to a guild’s growth. We have already executed this with Sipher NFTs but will continue to do so with future races as well as other future in-game NFTs and land.

We have already solidified our partnership with the first 14 guilds as of writing, but plan to keep our doors open only to the most reputable and established guilds in order to maintain trust and quality within the the player base that may potentially become members of these guilds and the Sipherian community.

These 14 guilds in alphabetical order are:

AAG Ventures, Apollo Squad, Avocado Guild, GuildFi, Loot Squad, Merit Circle, MetaGoons, MTTM, Railings University, ReadyPlayerDAO, Real Deal Guild, Unix Gaming, Yield Guild Games, and Yield Guild Games-SEA.

We are looking forward to continuing working together with our current and future partner guilds, and working on ways to further improve the interactions between guilds and our community members. We are very optimistic that with their help, we can create an amazing game that is both fun to play and can create opportunities for players to earn.

Visit our website for Staking details: https://sipher.xyz
Follow our community: https://linktr.ee/sipherxyz
We are actively hiring! If you ♥ gaming and making great games, Join us at Sipher: https://careers.sipher.xyz/


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