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December 23 2021 recap



1. Any plan for airdropping?

by whalerockyou

2. From what date can you earn money from the game?

by hooseinsanaei

  • You can already play to earn in the game through Land and resource NFTs. More Play-to-Earn features will be available in Q1 2022.

3. Last AMA I asked if there was going to be a treasury. You guys answered yes. Who will have access to that treasury?

by XScrappyDoobieX

  • Just like most other DAOs, the token stakers will have right and control over the treasury in the long-term.

4. Any chance that existing users/players will be rewarded with tokens? Thanks.

by imjasee

  • Yes, gamers will be rewarded with tokens from in-game competitions and Lands they hold.

5. Will landowners earn LOKA besides from DAI?

by Aaronhuang

  • Yes, Landowners will be able to receive LOKA rewards instead of DAI rewards.

6. Will active players earn $SOD from daily quests just like SLP in Axie Infinity?

by Aaronhuang

  • Yes, it would be similar to the SLP — in the Axie model.
  • But the avenues to earn SOD will be more diversified as League of Kingdoms is a MMORTS game with more sophisticated game content/modes than casual battle game like Axie.

7. When will the #LOKA token airdrop be carried out?

by STK_铁杆陀螺

  • After Token Generation Event in January, beforehand winners will be announced and will be provided opportunity to submit their wallet addresses to receive the airdrop.

8. When can the delayed situation be repaired?

by stk0-戴小朋友123-C10

  • All reported issues will be addressed as soon as practical.

9. We need the exact time dia. In the airdrop rule of the new token, which dimensions can obtain the token?

by stk0-戴小朋友123-C10

  • Once the lottery ends, there will be a special group created to collect the winner’s addresses. If you win, please make sure you enter the accurate address in the group chat. The transfer will be irreversible if made already.

10.How to earn tokens? Is there a way to eliminate bots?

by stk0-戴小朋友123-C10

  • The bots became a critical issue in the game lately, as our user base grows rapidly. We are working very hard to identify and ban bots and will add many strong measures to fight the bots.

11. When will the remaining unsold land be sold and in what form?

by stk0-戴小朋友123-C10

  • The remaining Lands will be sold on multiple sales events in 2022, most likely starting in Q1 2022. The format of sale is not decided.

12. Can the gift packages and resources in the game be purchased directly with the Matic chain instead of only using Ethereum? I’m talking about those big gift packages, including skins, etc.

by xiave

  • Not available currently.

13. Is LoK going into the metaverse where landowners can finally be able to utilize their lands to build up stuff?

by JKLGamer

  • That is not decided. But we will continue to introduce new content for gamers as well as landlords.

14. Will there be more payments system to accept coins from other chains such as BUSD in BSC, or wETH in Polygon for in game purchases?

by JKLGamer

  • That is possible though not decided at this point, and $LOKA will be used.

15. Will land owners be able to participate in private/presale of LOKA using accumulated DAI?

by JKLGamer

  • No, LOKA public sale will be sold on third-party platforms, therefore we cannot accept the DAIs. (But you can still withdraw them and make use of the funds)

16. any christmas skin event similar to the halloween skin event?

by Knicknoks

  • Yes, the Christmas event will be starting tomorrow on the Christmas Eve. Stay tuned!

17. Can $LOKA be used for staking?

by Knicknoks

  • Yes, there will be staking pool available for $LOKA. The staking infrastructure is scheduled to be ready by the end of Q1 2022.

18. Will the minted resources as NFT still be available to buy and sell directly for the most common coins (matic, weth, etc..) or Will there be a change also to that? We won’t be forced to sell resources in exchange for the new coins ($LOKA, $SOD) only, right?

by Kleryan

  • That is correct. The resources will be traded in other available currencies other than $LOKA.

19. How will NPLUS prevent $LOKA or $SOD from having a pump-and-dump scheme? A pump-and-dump scheme usually advantages few people at the expense of the whole community, and it’s against the concept of a decentralized ecosystem and leads to a fast death to any project;

by Kleryan

  • Our job is not manipulating NOR fighting against the market, but to build and maintain a fundamentally entertaining game product pipeline. We believe the strong product fundamentals will help us become more defendable against market cycles.
  • We will make sure there are strong utility cases of the tokens across the game and its communities that the token will effectively capture values from multiple sources. so those utilities will create a robust value foundation which makes dumpers are not going to make it.

20. We’ve been told that LOKA will be released this December while SOD in Q1 2022, but so far I didn’t see any tokenomics for any of the coins. When will the tokenomics be available and how much time before the actual release to the open market?

by Kleryan

  • High level tokenomics can already be found in the LOKA page in our website, while the specifics will be announced with the litepaper. The litepaper is currently in the final stages of legal reviews. so we expect to publish in next few weeks.

League of Kingdoms | MMO Strategy Game on Blockchain

21. Which percentage of the whole investment will be invested in a play-to-earn mechanism?

by Kleryan

  • About 43% of the entire token supply is earmarked for public sale, community distribution and token holder rewards.
  • Additionally, you can expect that pretty much the entire values created on the game platform will be recaptured by the treasury.

22. Will this game have a single or multi token?

by leader.one

  • The game has a governance token $LOKA and a utility token $SOD for play-to-earn.

23. Marketing and partnership are really crucial to any projects because it reinforces and spreads the credibility of that project. Can you list several well-known partners? What will you execute to keep long-term holders as well as investors?

by Maxim 6k

  • Our partners involve all the best in class institutions and teams.
  • As one of the pioneering blockchain gaming projects, we have been building blockchain games since the very early days when Axie and Sandbox had started. During the time, we have established a very strong network in the crypto space.

24. What is the main purpose of the $SOD token?

by Ape Charles

  • $SOD is a play-to-earn utility token. Its primary purpose is to hatch Drago eggs.

25.How is the exchange relationship between $SOD and $LOKA?

by Ape Charles

  • There is no exchange relationship between the two.

26.How is the exchange relationship between $SOD and various resources?

by Ape Charles

  • There is no exchange relationship between the two.

27. Whether $SOD obtained is related to the strength of the guild in the game and the number of occupied temples

by Ape Charles

  • Though it will not be related to the $SOD earnings, the strength of guilds would contribute to winning the bounty in $LOKA tokens.

28. Will the land prices increase?

by Gelato

  • We cannot comment on the price. Asset price is determined by the market.

29. Will LOKA be able to be obtained in the next cvc for the winners?

by Hashislife [ORCA] C13

  • Not likely in the next CvC

30. When can we see LOKA and where will it be able to be purchased?

by Hashislife [ORCA] C13

  • LOKA public sale will take place within January 2022.


1. When will a better antibot system be implemented?

by KnightsNFury

The bots are mostly turned out to be from the guest account and the email login option, so we are temporarily retiring new user registration via those methods and prepare a more powerful Captcha and anti-bot systems to counteract bot activities in the future.

2. What will be the updated version of cvc? what are the changes ?

by Rcrypt — Crypto Elysium / REKT!

We already talked about it. C1–16 will participate in the next CvC.
It will be a month-long event with 8 continents fighting together. There will be new monsters and new events.

The battlefield will be divided into different zones, and as time progresses, the zones will progressively open up so the continents can move out of their base and start conquering, until you reach the final zone.
The details regarding the new CvC will be announced around the end of this week or the early next week. And we are expecting the new version of CvC to start in January 10th, so you will have some time to prepare for it.

3. Will there be higher tier troops, VIP levels, or buildings up to level 31?

by Ed117, Roronoa Zoro[C11] [C16]

  • At the moment, there is no plan for this in the near future.

4. When will be the Trial of Agony?

by Random

  • User inflow is accelerating lately and we are afraid that the Trial of Agony will definitely put a lot of pressure on the server. so we are postponing the unveil of the content until we get the server under control. We are currently going through continuous optimization.

5. How will you be compensating players who have had to deal with game breaking lag for the last few weeks?

by landedonmars (SNBT)

  • We will be sending out rewards for every player as a compensation for the lag and the server maintenance. We will be sending these out after we deal with the issues stemming from the server maintenance.

Can you create a channel or some sort of notification system for when new Continents are launched?

by JamesK

  • Current continent opening cycle is biweekly. So you can basically expect a new continent opening in every two weeks.

Will Drago be launched at the same time with the new tokens or after?

by Lange

  • LOKA will launch in January 2022 → Drago / SOD will launch within Q1 2022.

Drago will give some booster for the game? It’ll be available for any player?

by redpine

  • Drago will come with in-game utility in the form of buffs for your troops.

Any plans to hire an additional dev team?

by XScrappyDoobieX

  • Yes, we are looking to scale our team. Since we have a high bar for the talent, it is getting delayed as we fail to find the right talent.

How will the land issuance in pool be distributed to land owners?

by Sangho

  • The land issuance pool will be issued/unlocked in weekly trenches. The tokens will be distributed based on each land’s development points, similar to how the current land development rewards are given out.


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