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$SIPHER Staking Updates — 72 Hours After


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$SIPHER Staking Updates — 72 Hours After

We have now officially closed our initial public token sale and seen thousands of new $SIPHER token holders join the world of Sipheria. The success of the sale was resounding and we are extremely excited for what is coming in the future.


If you participated in the sale or have acquired $SIPHER, you are likely to already be familiar with our Staking portal, which will allow you to support the ecosystem and gain rewards for doing so. If you are still not doing so, you might want to check the instructions on how to start staking, as this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

With only 75 hours having passed since the moment when our staking portal went live, we were already seeing incredible support from the Sipher community. Players all around the world have jumped at the opportunity to stake their $SIPHER in one or several of our pools, which are already generating rewards for all of them. Let’s take a look at how the staking feature has performed in the 75 hours after going live!

In total, we have seen a total amount staked of $20.7 million worth of Sipher which has already generated over $98 thousand in less than 3 days of staking. Most of this Locked Value has been provided by players contributing to the $SIPHER pool, which is surprising as this pool accounts for 20% of the weight. The current Total Value Locked in each of our pools is as follows:

● $SIPHER Pool (20% weight): $12,115,041.65

● Uniswal LP (10% weight): $1,466,309.68

● Kyber SLP (70% weight): $7,175,569.86

Our single-sided staking pool has been a clear favorite among our players, which we see as a clear indication of the trust our community has in the $SIPHER token. However, we are glad to see that our Liquidity position pools have also proven to be popular for those looking to diversify their rewards.

While it is still too early to identify what the trend will be in the future, we are glad to see that the liquidity in both Uniswap and Kyber has been steadily increasing over the past few days as trading volume normalizes after some crazy days of activity, which are normal after a launch. The price of the $SIPHER token has also been stated to stabilize as a result, which is sure to create an opportunity for new investors and players to join the ecosystem.

In general, we are pretty happy with the activity and numbers we have seen over the past hours. We are super excited to see how the staking pools and the token’s value behave as we continue to advance in our roadmap for the Sipher universe. For now, we recommend you stake your tokens if you haven’t done so, as this will open a lot of opportunities for you. There are a lot of exciting changes coming which you won’t want to miss, so come and help us make them possible


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