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The New CVC⚔️


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Continent vs. Continent major revamp


The New CVC

Next step for the warriors is to revisit the legendary chronicles of ancient eternal war!

From the old battlefield where numerous kingdoms fought and bled for the glory of their continent, we are now venturing into the next stage of battle — The Ancient Battlefield.

In the Ancient Battlefield, eight (8) continents will compete in the battle zone which will be open for four (4) weeks to conquer the “The ancient Mausoleum” or also known as “The ancient Temple” to demonstrate their prowess and uncanny strategy. Only the most seasoned warlords who runs a kingdom level 20 or above can enter the Battlefield, for it is a place with greater peril — but those who dare to take the risk, shall find greater in return.


The New Rules for the New Battlefield

Shaded under the thick war cloud, the Ancient Battlefield is divided into 25 areas, and each area is isloated by “the Gateways”. To clear out the cloud and enter the adjacent area, each continent shall conquer the Gate first. When you lose control of the Gate while you advance in the enemy territory, you’ll lose support from the allies, and you won’t be able to activate the shield, putting you in a tight spot.

There are the Gateways, the Fortresses and the Ancient Temple you can conquer, and when a continent conquers these objects for the first time, they will receive a reward. The last continent to hold the Ancient Temple will be raised to the winner of the CvC competition.

The timeline

The new CvC on the Ancient Battlefield will be a four-week long event.

From your base zone, you will work together with your fellow continent-ers to conquer the ancient gateways to be able to advance on to the adjacent areas.

The Gates, the Fortresses, and the Ancient Temple will open sequentially over time based on the schedule below. All great feats start at the end of your comfort zone.

Your crusade to the ancient temple will prove your valor to the world.


The Risk and Opportunities

Beware, warlords, for the massive new monsters salivating for your flesh in the Ancient Battlefield: the Cyclops, the Spartoi, and other dangerous creatures are roaming the battlezone.

The most terrifying thing to confront will be an immense blood-thirsty mad dragon Magdar, the evil tyrant of all monsters. Slaying this creature will reward you with a great boon and honor, which will be remembered and admired for centuries to come.

Through the battle with the monsters and kingdoms from other continents, you will receive lucrative rewards worthy of your valour. Also there will be areas where crystals are found in abundance like in no other places — a land of opportunity.

The new CvC on the Ancient Battlefield is expected to be unveiled on the 10th of January 2022.

This is a new chapter for League of Kingdoms and prelude to more engaging game experiences that you will find in the coming days.

Get ready for the fierce battle in the ancient battlefield!

We wish you all happy holidays!


We are very confident that next year will be an exceptionally exciting one with all the new things from the new token adoption to the various new game modes in development. We are thrilled to have all of you with us.

Thank you for joining League of Kingdoms journey so far and onward.



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