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The Crypto Prophecies Dapp Update 1.2.1 Out Now

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The latest update to The Crypto Prophecies is available now. While this is a minor update, there are some important changes to take note of.

Some of the changes for this update include:

  • Removal of Festive themes from the low-, mid-, and high-tier Battle Arenas.
  • Limiting Leaderboard scores to random battles only – Challenge a Player battles will no longer contribute to Leaderboard scores.

The more important change to note is that we’ve rebalanced the Kingdom Fee.

The Kingdom Fee has been adjusted from 3% to 10%, which will bring more value and benefits for the Crypto Prophecies community and players.

  1. The re-balanced Kingdom Fee will see an increased Prize Pool for the Daily Prize Draw, giving players the chance to win even more TCP daily, just by playing the game.
  2. A re-balanced Kingdom Fee means more TCP tokens being burned, constantly reducing overall circulation and total supply.
  3. By re-balancing the Kingdom Fee covers the cost of on-chain transactions made to create battles and distribute winnings for the Battle Arena.

We believe the adjustments will make a really positive impact to the game and for the community.

Enter The Battle Arena

It’s time to gear up your NFT Crypto Prophets, load up your TCP and enter the Battle Arena. Play The Crypto Prophecies NOW!


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