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LOK AMA #3 — The New CvC


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LOK AMA #3 — The New CvC

#3 Ask Me Anything


The new CvC is approaching!

To help you prepare for the forthcoming Continent versus Continent (CvC) event in the ancient battlefield, we had this third AMA to answer questions you may have about the new CvC which was held on 14th JAN 2022.

Thank you again for all the amazing questions. We were delighted to provide insights.

Please check this article for introduction to the new CvC:

The New CVC⚔️

Following questions and answers are rearranged from live AMA to better deliver the content.

Regarding CvC rewards

1/ How do we determine the winner? Will the last minute rush strategy to conquer the Ancient Temple still viable for the new CvC? How will the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place be decided?

There will be two-tracks to determine the winner

For one, the continent who conquers and holds the Ancient Temple at the end will be the final winner. The last minute rush will still be viable. This will determine which continent takes the first place.

In terms of defending the objects, we are buffing the defence side, which was in a bit of a disadvantage in the past CvCs. There will be no ‘reserve troops’ for the defense side. Instead, the maximum number of troops that can be deployed in the objects will be increased. It will make it easier to defend the objects that you conquered, so act fast and furious to hold it first.

The other track is by obtaining points through various actions (monster hunt, gathering, etc). There will be individual, alliance, and continent ranking for the points, and the ranking will be determined based on those ranks. This will determine which continents take the 2nd and 3rd places.

2/ What will be the rewards for the new CvC? Will it be better than the past CvCs?

As the CvC expands to a four weeks of event, the reward got significantly better. There will be multiple sources to earn rewards.

There will be a reward for 1) holding the Ancient Temple at the end of the CvC, 2) conquering the objects (Ancient Temple, Fortresses, and the Gateways), 3) Completing various quests every week, 4) obtaining potins and ranking, 4) changing the treasure pieces.

3/ Will there be $LOKA rewards for CvC? How will it be distributed?

We decided to add the $LOKA reward starting from the upcoming CvC!

We are still deciding on how to distribute the $LOKA reward. Basically, the $LOKA reward will be distributed to the members of the continent, based on the participation rate and other standards.

After the 4th Gateways are opened, you will be able to call for rallies against Magdar. Magdar may drop tokens (ie. $LOKA) as a reward. We are also considering $DST as a reward for slaying Magdar, once the $DST is launched.

4/ How is the point system reworked?

There will be individual, alliance, and continent rankings for the points.

For the new CvC, the points will be collect every week. And every week, there will be different challenges to earn the points. For example, monster hunt for the 1st week, gathering for the 2nd week, and so on.

We will weigh all the points to have similar value in determining the final ranking.

Regarding how the CvC works

5/ What was the idea behind making the CvC into a month-long event?

It has always been in our mind to make the CvC more exciting and entertaining than the current form. Rather than having a hustled battle where it’s all about getting some objects quicker than the enemies, we wanted to expand the CvC into a truly immersive war game experience for skillful players, to leverage their tactical acumens, make strategic maneuvers into the new territories, compete with different continents at once, and demonstrate their well-calibrated strategies.

The one day CvC that we used to have either caused heavy fatigue to the users to stay up 24 hours or caused battles to happen when the other side is sleeping due to the time zone difference, which made the battle less interesting and unfair at best. Now users can effectively unfold their strategies!

“We wanted the Ancient Battlefield (the battlefield for the new CvC) to feel like a new arena, where you can fight new monsters, complete new quests, or experience a new adventure, and ultimately enjoy the game again as if you were starting in a fresh new world, with a strong kingdoms and allies by your side.”

6/ How will the continents be balanced out?

We won’t forcefully restrict or adjust the power levels in order to artificially strike balance. We expect activities such as user migration, diplomacy between the continents, and etc. to naturally balance out the power differences between the continents in the long-term.

As the Gateways will open sequentially, the comparatively weaker continents will find it managable to defend the key objects and Gateways, and their starting points.

Also, We will be mixing the continents for the later CvCs, based on the overall power level.

7/ Where will be the starting point for each continent?

We haven’t fixed the starting points yet. We will consider the power balance between the continents before the CvC opening to inform deciding the starting locations.

For the future CvCs we will be mixing the continents based on the power level.

8/ Will we be able to take Fortress 2 only after we hold Fortress 1? Will the Fortress and the Gateways be shielded after it’s taken by a continent?

You can take Fortress 2 without Fortress 1, but it will be a tough maneuver considering the locations of the Fortresses.

When you conquer the Fortress and Gateway for the first time, you will be rewarded for being the first conqueror. After some time, the Fortress and Gateway will be shielded for some time. The shield will be lifted later for other continents to try to conquer it again.

When you hold a Fortress, there will be several buffs to your continent. It will help the continent in fighting for the Ancient Temple.


Gateway explanation

Gateways will open sequentially as below:

(1) On day 3, the first set of Gateways leading to Fortress 1 will open.
(2) On day 10, the second set of Gateways leading to the Crystal area will open.
(3) On day 13, the third set of Gateways leading to Fortress 2 will open.
(4) On day 20, the fourth set of Gateways leading to Magdar will open
(5) On day 24, the final set of Gateways leading to the Ancient Temple will open.


9/ Which teleport will be available for the new CvC map (the Ancient Battlefield)? Is there a safe area in the Ancient Battlefield? Will we be able to use shield in the new CvC?

In the new CvC map, every kind of TP (random TP, alliance TP, advanced TP) will be available to use in the same condition as the original continents. You will be able to build alliance centers in the CvC battlefield too, which will enable the alliance TP.

Shield will be available to be used as well. There may be some opportunities to earn more TP through the events and rewards during the CvC

As long as you hold the Gateways, the base camp will be a safe area. You won’t be able to attack or use the advanced TP beyond the Gateways that you don’t hold. Holding the Gateway will be crucial in attack and defending the zones.

10/ What level do we need to reach to enter the new CvC?

You need to be over level 20 to enter.

11/ Will there be events only for the new CvC participants? Will there be events and quests as usual in the original continent?

There will be events as usual in the original continents. There will be CvC specific events and quests for the participants. Daily quest will be available for both sides.

12/ Will there be the Shrine battle or The Great Kingdom Event in the original continent during the CvC?

There will be no Shrine battle during the CvC. We haven’t decided on the TGKE yet.

13/ What will happen to the treasure hunt event? Will there be a new legendary item?

There will be more legendary items to come, but not for the next event.
You will still have the treasure hunt event during the new month-long CvC, with different treasure every week.

14/ Will crystal mine only spawn in the crystal zone?


15/ Will the troops die during the CvC?

Now, it’s different from the past CvC. Your troops WILL DIE in this new CvC.
We are considering adjusting the hospital capacity to a higher value.

16/ Can we learn more about Magdar? What will be the reward for slaying Magdar?

Magdar is a much stronger and deadlier foe compared to any of the other monsters you came across in the game, including the Deathkar or the Dragons. You would want to join forces with other kingdoms to be dare to challenge.

17/ Can we return to the original continent during the CvC?


18/ Can we change continents during the CvC?

When you change continents during the CvC, it will restrict you from joining the CvC.

19/ How frequent will the new CvC?

We are expecting once every quarter, but the schedule may be subject to changes.

20/ Will there be differences between the new CvC monsters, and the original Orcs, Skeletons, and Golems?

The new monsters will only exist in the Ancient battlefield.They will be tougher and stronger, with better rewards. Their maximum level will upto level 10.

21/ During the past CvCs, the alliance technology applied during the CvC, but the title stats did not. Will it be the same for the new CvC?

It will be the same.

22/ How big is the Ancient Battlefield?

The new ancient battlefield will be the same size as the original continent. Thus, it’s bigger than the previous CvC battlefield island.

23/ Will the activities in the Ancient Battlefield affect the land development, or is it separated?

The Ancient Battlefield will be connected with the genesis continents. So, the activities inside the Ancient Battlefield will increase the land development points as well.

24/ What is it that the developer wants players to experience the most in this new format?

“For the players who have spent a long time in the original continent, we wanted to give them the feeling of starting fresh with a new experience in a new battlefield, but with a stronger kingdom. We want you to experience new contents and fight new monsters.”
“Away from the everyday life of the same old monsters and the enemies in the original continent, we wanted the players to move on to a new battlefield as a united continent. We hope the new CvC will be a place for new opportunities, new diplomacy, and an exciting and entertaining experience.”

Regarding Bots and Lag during CvC

25/ Will there be measures against the bot activities?

First of all, low level bot farms won’t be able to join the CvC. (The level restriction) Also, the Magdar will require rallies, so this will be another barrier against the bots and script users.

26/ Will there be a way to report the bot activities?

We are planning on adding a UI to report suspicious activities. If the suspicious account is reported multiple times, the account can get penalized.

27/ Are we opening more server for the CvC?


28/ If there’s a server failing lag during the CvC, what will be the measures against such incidents?

Our first goal is to prevent serious lags during the CvC. We are constantly working to stabilize and optimize server performance.

If there’s a serious lag, we won’t be able to rollback the server (due to how it works), but we should be able to temporarily stop the server. Hope it doesn’t happen.

Thanks for all your interest in the new CvC!

There were so many wonderful and interesting questions, and we were happy to answer and share our thoughts with the community.

Hope this AMA session helps you with preparing the new CvC to come.

Let’s see you all in the ancient battlefield!!

You can also see record of the live AMA below:



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