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Celebrating International Women’s Day At Sipher


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March 8 is finally here and it is time to celebrate all the incredible women at Sipher for their phenomenal contribution and championship, both at work and at home.


As part of our celebration of International Women’s Day, we sat down with each of our female staff to talk about their journey at Sipher, and more importantly, who they really are as a person. Today, amazing stories were shared.


1st champion: Ai N. — A Sipher’s All-rounder

“Anybody asks anything, I’ll do it; of course if I know how. At first, I wanted to become an artist, but I went with the flow and ended up coding in Unity. Working at Sipher is full of fun, and you can get to be heard and recognized. Our HR mates are especially super duper cute and helpful!”. Our beloved Ai also has a cat and loves to play with him whenever she can!

2nd star: Han D. — 3D Animator

“I see myself as a happy and sociable person. I find joy in the little things such as having a good time with my friends, learning something new especially when it’s useful for my work, or even as simple as playing a nice game and watching a good movie.”

Han said she felt lucky to join Sipher as she can learn a lot from everyone’s experience: “People are very supportive here. My skills are getting better every day.”

3rd supergirl: Khue L. — Game Designer

Having such a fierce passion for figure skating and board games, Khue admitted: “I am a real nerd about Dungeons and Dragons, pop culture and of course intensive competitive games (FPS). I speak three languages and like to go ice skating during weekends.”

With funny and friendly colleagues, she’s been receiving a lot of guidance from her seniors as well: “I’ve learned so much during my past months working here.”

4th winner: Trinh D. — 3D Artist

A fun fact about Trinh — she might be a 3D Game Artist but she’s really into animated movies! Trinh also appreciates how Sipher can help her professionally: “What I like most about working at Sipher is we get to update the technical details and finish the artwork in the most timely manner possible. The results are also very beautiful.”

5th queen: Duyen N. — HR

A rather serious and sensitive person, yet Duyen loves networking and meeting new people every day. When we asked what we could know about her personally, she gave us an answer with poetry material: “The thing I find most attractive in a person is their eyes.”

As an HR officer at Sipher, Duyen always enjoys creating a supportive environment for all her co-workers. “A thing about working at Sipher is that you can see yourself grow every day, and that’s what I’m very grateful for.”

6th superstar: Duyen L. — HR

Duyen shared that Tetris and Candy Crush Saga are among the games she likes most. When being asked what else she loves to do, she casually answered: “I like to capture random moments that I find funny or interesting!”

She said being with Sipher is “a lucky chance that crossed [her] path” and she just loves how the office is always bustling and vibrant with everyone’s positive energy.

7th diva: Nguyen H. — 2D Artist

Cat lovers, let’s give it up for the one and only Sipher Cat Lady — Ms. Nguyen H. as she currently has 6 cats and obvious truth be told, she’s crazy about these adorable felines. Another fun fact about Nguyen: “In my free time, I like to just pack my bag and go straight to the archery center. I realize that archery helps me relieve stress very well and I’ve been doing it for 6 years now.” Don’t worry, she only aims for target bosses, not people.

Nguyen has only been at Sipher for 4 months, but she feels very connected with everyone. “I’m happy to be a member of Sipher and look forward to a long-term development here.”


8th leading lady: Nancy Q. — Employee Engagement Lead

A confessed shopaholic, Nancy said she can go shopping any time no matter how she feels. She’s also very passionate about creating meaningful relationships with people — “I love connecting with people and truly enjoy the fun of it.”

Her journey at Sipher has been very exciting. “There are so many young people in the company and each has their own personality. I am on my way to find out the best way to bring people together.” Nancy also looks to create a great culture at Sipher.

9th goddess: Susan P. — Product Manager

Defying gravity, Susan is forever 18 at heart so she’s probably always the youngest person at Sipher. She loves to play Audition or Farm Heroes! Other than that, visiting her family and just laying on her bed to watch Netflix and enjoying her mom’s cooking are her favorite things to do.

Talking about her time at Sipher so far, Susan is very excited as Sipher is the first game company that she’s worked for. “It’s a whole new environment with new people and challenges for me. Thank you to my managers and team members for guiding and inspiring me!”


That’s who they are, the lovely women at Sipher. We’re proud to say that some of them hold extremely important roles that help shape the way we are today. Thank you for choosing to be a part of Sipher as we could never have made it this far without all of you. Your amazing contributions and efforts are and always will be valued and appreciated here.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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