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Sipher Game Development Updates in February


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Aligned with our community discussions about SIPHER Game Economy, we have developed a 3-part series of articles elaborating the vision of SIPHER towards the Game Economy.


In the traditional Web2 gaming model, the money flows in sole direction: from players to developers. As P2E gaming evolves, it introduces a new term — “earners”, who treats the playing part as their secondary goal while approaching a game. We believe the current NFT gaming space focuses on “earners” too much, creating an imbalance between supply and demand and potentially a pyramid scheme when the economy relies heavily on getting more earners. Ultimately, this “earner only” model isn’t essentially working.

To address this problem, we aim to attract players and extract value in the long term by developing a hybrid monetization model that does not place the developers and earners in direct competition. Putting it all together, we have this circle that represents the connections between the three entities that compose our market.


The Player will buy game-affecting items from Earners, who have produced those items by sourcing blueprints from the Developer. At the same time, the Players can buy cosmetics directly from the Developer.

To tackle the demand issue, building quality games is the one true answer. We focus on creating constant content cycles with new characters, gear and achievements while encouraging diversity in gameplay, builds, and ever changing experiences in game.

You can find detailed information about 3 parts here:

Sipher Website: https://sipher.xyz
Sipher Links: https://linktr.ee/sipherxyz
We are actively hiring! If you ♥ gaming and making great games, Join us at Sipher: https://careers.sipher.xyz/


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