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Sipher’s Valentine Day Event to Celebrate Love


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On February 14, we released a “Poem of Love” event where Sipherians can have the chance to show their affection to the INU or NEKO they love but never manage to own. You can check out the details here.


We saw some excellent exchange of dialogues and have chosen the winners! Here’s one of the Shakespeare-material pieces that we received during the event for your first glimpse of love in the Sipheria .

Dear Lia,
You have opened my eyes. Today I see my lies fall. You will always be the greatest expedition partner time has seen, but certainty has flooded me. My heart belongs to Aria.
Go on now find another,
Dear Aria,
Ever since I read your letter I can’t keep you off my mind. Your words still ring in my ears, a choir louder every day. I stay up late and I talk to the moon, I can’t stop telling her all about you. I get up early and talk to the sun, asking for guidance but he ain’t got none. How am I supposed to know you’re not the one?
Forbidding me to remember us is impossible. You’ve given life to what was dead. You’ve turned ashes into flames. Let’s bring our embers back to life.
I accept your love, and I will love you forever.
Your Nekotine,

Want some more of this? Refer to the winners and full dialogues here.

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