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Introducing Sipher Legends Role in Our Discord


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We’re pumped to introduce the latest role in our Discord — SIPHER Legends! Some of you may have noticed within the past day that some members now have a green name @Sipher Legend.


No worries, we’re here to clear that up. This is a new role given to key members of the community that have not only been with us since the beginning but also have made impactful contributions to the community. To keep this role, Legends need to have one of the Sipher NFT holder roles.

More Giveaways for This Role

And to continue to bring about more value to our Holders and Legends, we have been doing a series of whitelist giveaways! These collabs include:

This list will definitely get longer in the future so sit tight for more!

Especially, SIPHER Legends and SIPHER Holders will get access to unique sneak peeks which we have started releasing over the month of February.

Sipher Website: https://sipher.xyz
Sipher Links: https://linktr.ee/sipherxyz
We are actively hiring! If you ♥ gaming and making great games, Join us at Sipher: https://careers.sipher.xyz/


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