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Sipher’s Most Recent Holiday Giveaways Update


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February marked one of the biggest holidays that we’ve ever had, and for this 2022 it’s the Year of the Tiger!


We released 2 giveaways to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2022 on our Twitter and Discord. Winners would receive some lucky $SIPHER and official Sipher Tees as awards to kick off the Year of the Tiger. (Pro tip: the number of $SIPHER given for each prize has a special meaning, especially for the Lunar New Year, do check it out!).

1*c8SZ0tMSX0qCGebQ2bV6aw.pngLunar New Year Giveaway Winners

We also opened a channel on Discord for everyone to share their stories of how they managed to enlarge wealth in the past year. Some principles that can be helpful while navigating in this space were also covered. But more importantly, the best stories have won some $SIPHER tokens! Here are the amazing winners:

  • 1st Place: @WAVES — 888$SIPHER Tokens
  • 2nd Place: @SallyJack3 [👁] Inuminati — 555$SIPHER Tokens
  • 3rd Place: @Nugert | PAW OF THE ΞMPRΞSS[👁] — 555$SIPHER Tokens

Sipher Website: https://sipher.xyz
Sipher Links: https://linktr.ee/sipherxyz
We are actively hiring! If you ♥ gaming and making great games, Join us at Sipher: https://careers.sipher.xyz/


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