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[Axie] Marketplace Update!

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We’ve deployed important updates to the Axie Infinity Marketplace!

  • New Axie: Origin Art

  • Updated Dark Theme 🌌

  • Refreshed Land Item Art 🌵

  • Bug Fixes 🐛

New Axie Marketplace!

New Origin Axie Art

FINALLY! The new Origin art is here! All Axies on the marketplace have been updated to include the awesome new art from Origin. We also added new animations to bring your Axies to life.

You can now easily save a powerful, high resolution image of your Axie directly from the marketplace. Perfect for content creators and Axie profile pics 🔥

Shop For Mystic Axies


Updated Dark Theme 🌌

We’ve updated the color scheme of the marketplace to a darker dark theme. This is in preparation for a bigger marketplace redesign coming soon. You’re welcome, eyes 👀


Refreshed Land Item Art 🌵

All land items got a visual refresh to make them more consistent with the art style of land gameplay! The road to land continues.

Browse Land Items

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🌊 Support

🗞️Axie Media Kit

🥚Open Positions

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