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The Crypto Prophecies: Year One In Review

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The Crypto Prophecies is ONE-YEAR old. It’s been a breathtaking first year for the project and to celebrate, we wanted to take a look back at the year that was and have a sneak peek at what’s to come.

The Crypto Prophecies is the brainchild of Paul Lindsell and Philipe Comini, who really wanted to create something fresh and innovative within the crypto- and NFT-gaming space.

Settling on creating a game with both a unique deflationary economy and NFTs with real and varied in-game utility, The Crypto Prophecies was born.

Private sale

With the concept created the TCP token entered a private sale, and we welcomed on board a host of amazing investors, including big-name crypto investing firms like Moonwhale, Animoca Brands, and AU27 among others. It is not without their help that The Crypto Prophecies could have had such a successful first year as it had.

You can take a look at all our partners and investors who made The Crypto Prophecies possible, here.

IDO and TCP Listing

With investment secured, we were able to get started with the IDO for TCP and get the token listed.

To do this, we entered into a partnership with DAO Maker to organise the SHO Strong Holder Offering.

This was swiftly followed by KuCoin’s Burning Drop campaign, which offered TCP rewards and an IEO campaign with Gate.io.

In total, this process took the total capital raised to $2.5 million and the price of TCP hit $2 at launch!

Following these successful campaigns, we also listed the TCP token on UniSwap.

Challenges and Delays

The Crypto Prophecies’ early days were not without challenges, however, and we were faced with early team changes that significantly impacted launch timelines.

While these changes set us back initially, we were able to build a stronger and more skillful team that has done amazing work in getting The Crypto Prophecies launched.

With these setbacks behind us, the team worked incredibly hard to get The Crypto Prophecies ready for Closed-Beta testing.

Testing went really well and the team was able to identify and solve any issue to create a smooth and streamlined user experience for the game.

Kingdom Vault Launch

In September 2021, we launched The Kingdom Vault — The Crypto Prophecies’ staking platform.

In the initial launch, the Vault rewarded TCP/USDT liquidity providers with TCP rewards, while the launch of the Kingdom Vault coincided with the TCP token getting listed on the Polygon Network for the first time with QuickSwap — where we ran a successful liquidity mining campaign with QuickSwaps Dragon’s Syrup.

Two months later in November, we finalised work on The Crypto Prophecies’ in-game bonus token, bTCP. We were then able to reward the referees from our referral campaign.

To celebrate, we launched a second Kingdom Vault where users could stake their TCP tokens and earn bTCP rewards.

You can read more about the bTCP token, here.

NFT Sale

The first major pre-launch milestone for The Crypto Prophecies was always going to be our first NFT Sale.


With the NFT Shop housed within the Dapp, The Crypto Prophecies development team worked tirelessly to get the in-game interface ready to support the shop opening.

We planned to release limited numbers of NFTs in multiple drops to manage supply and demand.

The first drop was a success, with all of our released higher Tier Crypto Prophets and Pets selling out within hours.

Unfortunately for many users with TCP on Ethereum network the costs for bridging at this time were exceptionally high, some days exceeding $200. This resulted in many users not being able to justify purchasing their NFTs directly from the store.

For those that did purchase NFTs in the first drops, it was so exciting to see the different Crypto Prophets come to life in the Summoning Portal and to witness the population grow through the OpenSea viewer.


With anticipation building ahead of our Open Beta launch in November, the TCP token surged to an all-time high of $0.54 amidst unprecedented trading numbers for TCP. The team were really taken back by this as it showed huge support for our vision, progress and achievements.

Open Beta Launch

The Crypto Prophecies Open Beta was officially launched on November 1, 2021 to an overwhelmingly positive response from investors and players alike.

To see the vision of The Crypto Prophecies come to life was a supremely proud moment for the team. But the work did not stop there.

While the launch of the Open Beta was a big success, we also learned a lot about the challenges our players faced and what barriers new players faced, especially around the cost of bridging assets to start playing.

The Crypto Prophecies on Mobile


Launching The Crypto Prophecies into Open Beta was never the end goal for the team, merely the beginning. We are always determined to innovate and improve our player experience in The Crypto Prophecies.

In addition to introducing quality of life features such as Challenge-a-Player and Leaderboard rewards, our first goal post-launch was to look at how we can make The Crypto Prophecies more easily accessible to players. The best answer, but hardest to achieve, was to bring The Crypto Prophecies to mobile devices.

The team worked long and hard hours in order to adapt The Crypto Prophecies’ browser-based coding to work on both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Android proved to be an easier evolution and was launched in Dapp Update 1.3 in January 2022. iOS beta via TestFlight soon followed in Update 1.4 in March.

In-game Wallet

Update 1.4 again sought to introduce new features that would make The Crypto Prophecies more accessible to a wider audience.


To navigate around barriers to entry such as bridging of tokens across to the Polygon Network and high transaction fees, the team worked on an innovative new feature that would open the gates of Opulentos and make it easier and cheaper than ever for players to start playing The Crypto Prophecies.

Enter The Crypto Prophecies In-Game Wallet.

Our new in-game wallet solution entirely removes the need for players to bridge tokens across from the Ethereum Network if they purchased TCP on exchanges such as KuCoin or Gate by allowing them to directly deposit their tokens from any exchange into the game.

It also negates the need for transaction fees or approvals when entering the Battle Arena, making for a more streamlined and cost effective gameplay experience.

You can read more about the In-Game Wallet solution and our other Update 1.4 innovations such as Treasure Hunt, here.

The Oracle and beyond

Our next major update for The Crypto Prophecies has just dropped and is HUGE and will completely change the way the game is played.


Update 1.5 introduces free-to-play and play-to-earn elements to The Crypto Prophecies for the first time in our BRAND NEW PVE game mode; Battle The Oracle.

Battle The Oracle has 20 levels to conquer, giving players the opportunity to earn rewards for beating our mythical NPC character, The Oracle, the most powerful spell caster in the Kingdom of Opulentos.

The Battle The Oracle game mode is also a free-to-play enabled game mode, allowing users to enter the ancient Battle Arena without needing to buy NFTs or MPOTs to wager.

We are able to do this by introducing a brand new tier of Crypto Prophets and Items, called the Standard Tier. Each player will have instant access to a Standard Crypto Prophet and a full set of standard items, allowing players to Battle The Oracle without having to purchase any NFTs.

We also fundamentally changed the way The Crypto Prophecies’ Magical Item NFTs are used by removing locked Magical Item slots in favour of Magic Capacity Management, giving players access to higher rarity magic items that can be equipped as long as they are within the players’ Crypto Prophet magic capacity limit.

This Is Just The Start

These amazing features and innovations are just the beginning for The Crypto Prophecies!

Over the coming months, we’re looking to introduce further innovations to The Crypto Prophecies, bringing more ways to play, more ways to win, and more ways for our players to earn.

This includes features such as NFT functionality for the in-game wallet, NFT Staking in The Strong HODL, the Crypto Prophet Hotel, and even NFT lending.

Want to learn more? Keep updated with all the details by signing up for our email blasts and joining all the conversations happening right now around the 1.5 Dapp Update by joining our Telegram group.


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