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SKILL Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary: What is the Future for SKILL?

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The CryptoBlades SKILL token’s anniversary is today, and it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate with our community by hosting a “Show us your Skill” competition. Anyone can join by submitting a video of anything they want that is creative, and CryptoBlades themed on TikTok or Twitter. It should be posted on either or both social platforms, submitted in our google doc (along with the wallet address for if you win), and include the following hashtags… #Crypto #SKILL #KING #CryptoBlades.

1st: $300
2nd: $250
3rd: $200
4th: $150
5th: $100

Post on the social platform(s) with hashtags and here to enter: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe5XfUe9IuwaagRLKVv_gpXOHWWdNJGm606YJnIAXk0Ww8x4w/viewform?usp=sf_link

We are also hosting a Gleam giveaway for everyone to join with ten winners for $50 each! It will close on April 15th and our video competition will end on April 17th!

Gleam Giveaway Link: https://gleam.io/q6Q5d/skill-anniversary

Also, everyone should go and watch Kroge’s update video on YouTube! He talks about where CryptoBlades has been and where the game and SKILL are going!

Kroge Connects: https://youtu.be/AdXitkW_Cko

Finally, the CryptoBlades merchandise shop is being updated with fresh and fashionable gear! Be the first to get your hand on the best CryptoBlades apparel!

Merch Store: https://app.cryptoblades.io/#/merchandise?chain=BSC

(You will need to connect your Metamask — or equivalent wallet to enter.)

The CryptoBlades Journey

Three hundred sixty-five days ago, the SKILL token was incubated and launched by their major supporting partner, Seedify, on BNB Chain (formerly known as Binance Smart Chain). 7 weeks later, on June 1st, 2021, CryptoBlades the game would be released.

From the beginning, CryptoBlades had a buzzing community. Play-to-earn gaming grew stale, and the people were ready for the next big project. As CryptoBlades was on its way up, building its foundation and redeveloping core game mechanics was a priority. The option for 200 stamina fights rather than each costing 40, reforging, and the in-game market were all game-changing features and updates. At that point, CryptoBlades Discord was 3000 members strong.

Updates, giveaways, and events significantly moved the game and community forward. Every few days, another 1000 members and SKILL holders joined the movement. Quickly, it became evident that CryptoBlades would be able to compete in Binance’s Most Valuable Builder Competition. Full steam ahead, they worked, and they worked hard! After achieving astronomical numbers and gaining record-breaking traction, CryptoBlades would dominate all competitors, being the talk of NFT and play-to-earn summer 2021 with a Discord community of over 100,000 members and their Twitter following also over 100,000.

Overall, CryptoBlades has paid over $1 million to its players and had over 7.1 million NFTs created. From being highlighted on Forbes, reviewed all over YouTube, sponsoring one of the largest eSports gaming tournaments (PUBG, PMIL), being the number 1 Dapp on HECO and OEC chains for months, winning the HECO Master Builder Competition, releasing numerous game expansive features, and making CryptoBlades: Kingdoms come to life in Alpha, the team behind CryptoBlades has shown nothing but hard work, dedication, commitment, and loyalty to creating the most fantastic blockchain game and project to date.

Of course, this didn’t come without hardships and learning curves. Just like many play-to-earn games and crypto projects, there have seen setbacks and difficulties, especially while battling against Bitcoin’s fall in early November 2021. However, the major difference between CryptoBlades and many other projects launched in the last 6–12 months is that CryptoBlades is here, standing firm and paying its players as designed.

Recently announced by the CEO, Philip Devine, there is a significant push in development for the utility of the SKILL token, much of which has made tremendous strides. The Bazaar marketplace, their recent partnership and bridge licensing talk with Enjin, and the official CryptoBlades launchpad have all been brought to the public eye for SKILL utility. Three hundred sixty-five days since its launch, the SKILL token may again be one of the best investment opportunities for play-to-earn enthusiasts for 2022.

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