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AXS Gated Forum Discussions by Commonwealth!

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Earlier this month, we released a forum for token-gated discussions hosted by Commonwealth!

This forum was built to enable our community to post discussions topics around topics important to the future of Axie Infinity. There is also a polling feature that will allow us to gather feedback around new product features and ideas. The forum will allow for more detailed long-form discussions around some of the most important topics affecting the Axie community!

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One of the major points of feedback we’ve received from the community is the need for a token-gated forum for long-form discussions amongst AXS holders as a stepping down towards community governance.

This forum has been conceived with the goal of facilitating these important discussions among those with demonstrated stake in the ecosystem. To that end, we have added AXS requirements for creating posts on the forum. The requirement for creating posts in topic-specific channels has been set to 25 AXS and posts in the general forum require 15 AXS. Commonwealth looks at the amount in your wallet and the amount you're staking and adds those to get your total owned AXS. When you post a comment in a topic it only checks that you have the minimum amount but does not require you to pay a fee.

We’ve set these dual requirements to facilitate focused discussion among  those who have the strongest stake in the long-term success of the ecosystem and to add additional utility for AXS. These requirements will be adjusted over time based on fluctuations in the AXS price and data/feedback gathered. In the future, other assets may also be required to participate in certain discussions.

To learn more about Commonwealth please visit this guide or watch the video tutorial below!

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