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Origin: Phases and Advancement Plans

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Progress on Origin is humming along and so far we’ve seen over 600,000 registered accounts.

This post will walk you through our thinking around how we’ll batch together updates in phases as we build towards global launch.


Phase 1, which we’re currently in, focuses around major balance changes: making the game more competitive, improving the amount of in-game decision making, and ultimately making the game more fun!


Phase 2, which we expect to come in July, will see a full in-game reset of MMR, Moonshards, and Runes/Charms. This will be a great time to get a feel for the progression system in-game, and for us to ensure that crafting is working without any bugs or exploits. We will also be distributing a small amount of AXS to players at the top of the Leaderboard during this Phase.

Phase 2 Specifics:

  • Runes, Charms, and Moonshards are all entirely removed. Players will collect moonshards and craft runes/charms from the beginning of the progression system.

  • Adventure mode will fully reset, all progress will be deleted and players can beat and collect the rewards for the first time again.

  • MMR / Leaderboard will be reset. Some AXS rewards will be distributed to highest ranking players at the end of this phase.

  • During Phase 2 we encourage players to help find any bugs/exploits that are happening in-game


After Phase 2 concludes, we will remove SLP rewards from V2 and move SLP rewards to Origin. In parallel, we’ll introduce an SLP burn mechanic through crafting of NFT Runes/Charms, which you’ll be able to mint on Ronin and sell/gift via the marketplace. 

Phase 3 Specifics:

  • SLP earning is added, during this time expect possible balance changes to come as we gather data on burn/mint.

  • Moonshards are reset from player inventories, this is replicating how Seasons will function in Origin (Moonshards do not carry over between seasons)

  • Runes and Charms are all expired from the previous phase, meaning they remain on your account but are unable to be equipped. You may disenchant them for Moonshards. This is replicating how Seasons will function in Origin (Runes/Charms from previous seasons expire and cannot be equipped in future seasons)

  • NFT Runes/Charms are craftable and require SLP to be burned as part of their recipe. Recipe costs may be tweaked during this time as we gather data.

  • MMR / Leaderboard will be reset. AXS rewards will be distributed to the highest ranking players at the end of this phase.


After Phase 3 ends Origin will start its first official Season! 

Global Launch / Season 1 Specifics:

  • Moonshards are all reset from player inventories

  • All Runes and Charms expired, including NFT's (these can be collected or disenchanted at any point)

  • MMR / Leaderboard will be reset as a normal seasonal process

We believe the best is yet to come for Origin and our community! If you have any suggestions on how to make Origin the best it can possibly be, please share feedback through the ideas portal.

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