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Dev Update — Dapp Update 1.6: UI Updates, Account Security, NFT Wallet Support, and more…

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Dev Update — Dapp Update 1.6: UI Updates, Account Security, NFT Wallet Support, and more…


The next big Crypto Prophecies update is coming! Update 1.6 will bring a host of upgrades that improve quality of life and expand playing and earning options!

The team has been hard at work since Update 1.5 and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek at the latest updates coming to The Crypto Prophecies very soon!

Updated UI

Once Update 1.6 launches, players will be greeted by an all-new, all-improved game interface.

We’ve moved things around a little bit to improve usability and make it more mobile-friendly.

You’ll see your profile has been moved to the top left-hand side, while your wallet balances, friends, and notifications have all been moved to the top right-hand side.

When hitting the ‘plus’ icon on the wallet bar, you’ll notice we’ve added some additional info on where to buy or acquire additional tokens, should you need to.

Game modes have been relocated to the center of the screen — swipe on mobile to navigate, or click and drag to scroll on Desktop.

At the bottom, you’ll see our new, and improved navigation bar, for the Summoning Portal, Inventory, Leaderboards, and Shop, which is flanked by Daily Prize Draw and Treasure Chest mini-game on either side.

Improvements For Treasure Chest Mini-Game

We’ve implemented a winning probability change for the Treasure Chest mini-game for Update 1.6.

Players will now have a 1-in-4 chance of winning prizes every time they play the mini-game. This has been increased from a 1-in-3 probability.

More chances to win and earn!

Improved Account Security and Two-factor Authentication

For increased account security, we’re introducing two-factor authentication to The Crypto Prophecies for an additional layer of security for the withdrawal of assets from your account.

Players will be able to enable two-factor authentication in Account Settings, under an additional tab labelled ‘Security’.

Once there, players will be able to connect an authenticator app of their choice and be given a unique recovery code for any future changes.

More Free Standard Crypto Prophets and Magical Items

Get more freedom of choice with more FREE Standard Tier Crypto Prophets and Magical Items!

We’re expanding our free tier of Standard Crypto Prophets and Magical Items with Update 1.6! Players will now receive one Crypto Prophet from each of the four Generation 1 races, along with a full set of Magical Items for each Magic School.

This will give players more freedom and flexibility when starting The Crypto Prophecies and as they progress and upgrade their Crypto Prophets and Magical Items.

Add NFTs Into Your In-game Wallet

We’re adding NFT support to the in-game wallet with Update 1.6.

When the update launches, players will need to ‘deposit’ their Crypto Prophecies NFTs directly into the in-game wallet before being able to use them in the Battle Arena or upcoming NFT Hotel.

When purchasing NFTs from the in-game shop, NFTs will automatically be transferred to your in-game wallet, but you will be able to send your NFTs directly to the game from any third-party NFT marketplace that supports TCP NFTs.

To import your NFTs into your in-game wallet, hit the ‘NFT Actions’ dropdown in the Inventory section and select ‘Add NFTs From Wallet’.

There will be two methods for adding NFTs to your in-game wallet.

  • Sending Manually
    Here you will copy the address of your in-game wallet and enter it as the destination address in the platform your NFTs are currently stored.
  • Send via MetaMask
    The second method will use your MetaMask wallet connection (on Polygon Network) to show the NFTs in your MetaMask wallet and allow you to select the ones you want to import and deposit.

Players will also be able to withdraw their NFTs to any wallet of their choice, by selecting ‘Withdraw NFTs To Wallet’ from the ‘NFT Actions’ dropdown menu, selecting the NFts to withdraw, and entering a valid Wallet address to withdraw to.

We’ll be sharing another Dev Update about NFT Staking VERY SOON, so keep an eye on our social media channels and Telegram for more details.


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