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News from Opulentos: NFT Summoning Stones Burned by Evil Warlock

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During the winter days gone yester the Kingdom of Opulentos came under attack from the evil warlock Furmalum.

Although no Crypto Prophets were harmed during the attack, Furmalums’ army was able to strike heavy damage on the Kingdom’s reserves of fabled Summoning Stones. Sadly, over 300,000 summonings stones were burned in the attack meaning the total population of the first generation of NFT Crypto Prophets has been reduced for eternity.


What does this mean for you fellow Prophetiers?

Firstly, your NFT Crypto Prophets and Magic Items are safe. But more importantly, they are now more scarce than ever before as the supply of NFT Summoning Stones has been massively reduced.

The remaining summoning stones will be made available in the Kingdom’s Store with the 1.6 release, buy them quickly, upgrade your Generation One (G1) Crypto Prophets and help defend the Kingdom.

The next race of Crypto Prophets is coming to Binance Smart Chain! Keep an eye on our social media channels and Telegram for more details and concept art for the first race of The Crypto Prophecies Generation 2 NFTs.


News from Opulentos: NFT Summoning Stones Burned by Evil Warlock was originally published in The Crypto Prophecies on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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