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Dev Update — Dapp Update 1.6: NFT Staking Deep-dive

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Dev Update — Dapp Update 1.6: NFT Staking Deep-dive


The next big Crypto Prophecies update is coming! Update 1.6 will bring a host of upgrades that improve quality of life and expand playing and earning options!

The team has been hard at work since Update 1.5 and we’re excited to give you a sneak peek at the latest updates coming to The Crypto Prophecies very soon!

In this Developer Update, we’ll do a deep dive into the upcoming NFT Staking feature, looking at how to stake, what the rules are, and what rewards you can earn…

NFT Hotel — How To Play

Limited Check-Ins
The first thing to mention is that each NFT that you own, will have a limit of 180 check-ins, which means that you can stake that particular NFT 180 times.

The aim of the game is to work out the best time to check in your Crypto Prophets or Magical Items to make the highest possible APR with your NFTs available check-ins.

Find The Highest APR
The APR is based on multiple factors and fluctuates accordingly. The biggest factor is the number of NFTs currently checked into the STRONG HODL NFT HOTEL at any given time. The fewer NFTs staked at any given time the higher the rewards will be.

For example, if only one person is staking, he will get the entire share of that day’s bTCP reward pool. If there are 100 people staking, then the rewards will be split amongst them based on the number of slices their staked NFTs have, resulting in a lower APR.

1*Sf5hswQbH1N7yPQRHytP7A.pngAPR and Emission Pools for Illustration Purposes Only

Make Money While You Sleep
Staking will be limited to 12-hour slots at a time, meaning each NFT will have 180, 12-hour slots to earn passively through staking.

This allows players to utilise their NFTs for gameplay during the day (or preferred hours) in the Battle Arena, whether that be in PVP or against the Oracle, and then earn during the hours they are offline, by checking in to the NFT Hotel.

Cooldown and Count Your Riches
Once your 12 hours of staking expires and you’ve earned your bTCP rewards, you will have a 12-hour cooldown window before you can stake that same NFT again.

Reward Pools And Slices

As mentioned, the NFT Hotel reward pool is in bTCP, which is backed 1:1 with TCP.

The Total Reward Pool has been created using 90% of all TCP earned through NFT sales to date and will be topped up with 90% of future sales in the in-game NFT Shop. The total amount is then divided by 180 to give us the Daily Emissions Pool for rewards.

NFTs are rewarded a number of slices of the daily rewards pool depending on the rarity of the Crypto Prophet or Magical Item. The higher the rarity tier of the NFT, the more slices of the reward pool will be earned by staking that NFT.

You can view the Total Reward Pool, Daily Emissions Pool, Total Emissions Earned and your Total Emissions Earned in the NFT Hotel dashboard, along with the slices your NFTs are eligible for.

Magical Items and Pets

Magical Items and Pets are checked into the basement section of THE STRONG HODL NFT Hotel and the same rules apply as for Crypto Prophets.

Checking In Your Crypto Prophet or Magical Items

The process of checking in your Crypto Prophets or Magical Items is quite simple. Upon heading to the NFT Hotel, you’ll be presented with a screen showcasing your NFTs in different tabs similar to the Inventory Screen.

Checking in a Crypto Prophet or Magical Item is as easy as tapping or clicking on the NFT you want to stake and selecting ‘Check In’.

Crypto Prophets that are currently equipped in the Inventory will not be permitted to check-in until they are unequipped.

From the NFT Hotel you can view which Crypto Prophets have been checked in already, or have rewards ready to be claimed, along with staking and cooldown timers.

Ready To Check-In? Update 1.6 Release Date Is…

Dapp Update 1.6 is aiming to release on June 28!

Want to learn more about NFT Staking, or see what other features are coming? Follow us on our social media channels and Telegram!

We’ll also be sharing some behind-the-scenes peeks at the latest race of Crypto Prophets coming to Binance Smart Chain.


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