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🛠️Origin Update🛠️: Bug Fixes & Balancing Changes

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Later today, we will be deploying an update to Origin. The update is primarily focused on bug fixes and balancing. Please note that once Season 1 hits, we will not be deploying balancing patches mid-season and will be deploying them during the off-season. However, until then, we need to have the flexibility to deploy rapid patches since the game is still in an early state.

We expect a few weeks or more of Offseason before we are ready to start Season 0 which will mark the transition to Phase 3. Season 0 will introduce NFT Runes & Charms that require both SLP & Moonshards to craft. At the start of Season 0, we will also be removing SLP rewards from Classic (V2) and adding them to Origin.

Origin SLP emissions will be tuned conservatively to better balance the economy. Emissions are projected to be much lower overall than Classic and will be focused on rewarding skilled players that move up the Ranks. We will tweak as necessary as we gain feedback and data after the initial launch.

As a final note, Season 0 will include adjustments to Moonshard rewards and Rune/Charm crafting costs based on feedback and data we collected during the Alpha Season.

What’s New

  • Preparation for the conclusion of the Alpha Season

  • AXS Rewards will be distributed to players after the Community Protection teams conducts an anti-cheat review

  • Balancing changes. Details.

  • Added a tab for cosmetics in inventory

  • Added 2 new languages: Vietnamese and Spanish.

🛠️ Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Arco triggered Secrets instead of removing them

  • Fixed a bug where Thick Shield also gave bonus Shield to Bumpy's effect

  • Fixed a bug where Wall Gecko was counted as multiple buffs instead of 1

  • Fixed a bug where if Mavis was killed by Turnip, the Energy reduction effect would last the entire match

  • Fixed a bug where if an Axie died from self-harm cards (Hollow, Post Fight,...), all cards would stay in hand forever and become unplayable

  • Fixed a bug where Hermit's status icon was not functioning as a secret

  • Fixed a bug where the Rune "The Incubator" gave bonus HP to all summons

  • Fixed a bug where Retain prevented Ethereal from being triggered

  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't claim rank up rewards without excess Victory Stars when ranking up

  • Fixed a bug where Charms that enhanced Shield could be equipped to attack cards

  • Fixed a bug where Axies didn't show up after syncing

  • Fixed a bug where cards in Liveview and replay were grayed out

  • Fixed a bug where Watering Can, Timber and Snail Shell didn't show their tooltips on Collection

  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't register after canceling when creating a Guest account

  • Fixed a bug where Baby's effect showed incorrect numbers

  • Fixed a bug where the Settings button lost focus in window mode

  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't create a new account with passwords containing some special characters

  • Fixed a bug where the milestone progress bar in Adventure Mode displayed the incorrect progress

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