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DRAGO Update Preview


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All you need to know about the upcoming DRAGO update

Dear Kings, Queens, and Landlords, we hope you have familiarized yourself with Drago, for Dragos are getting ready to spread their wings and show their full potential. In this article, we will go over the preview of what to expect for the upcoming Drago update.


Table of Contents

  • Intro to Drago
  • Drago Training
    - Drago stats explained
    - Drago Level
    - Chimeric Fusion
  • DSA & DST
    - Dragon Soul Amber (DSA) Mine
    - Dragon Action Point
    - Daily Quest
    - DST minting
    - CvC & Magdar w/ DSA
  • Drago Breeding
    - Drago Genetics
  • Drago Rental
  • Drago & Rss Minting
  • Drago Emoji

We are in the final process of deciding on the main network. In the meantime, our development team has been putting together the final pieces of Drago content and has been running several QA testing. The final release date will be confirmed after the decision is made.

Bear in mind that the details in this article are subject to change during the course of development. The values and text in the article and in the images do not represent the final version. The values and text can be adjusted without prior notice.

Intro to Drago

Dragos are dragon-like creatures that reside in the League of Kingdoms continents and were historically tamed by royal courts. Good friends, guardians, and companions for mankind.

The Drago NFTs can be used to unlock a variety of contents in League of Kingdoms, including the new play-and-earn game features, such as mining Dragon Soul Amber, a special gem used to forge League of Kingdoms’ in-game token — DST.

Players will be able to bring their Drago NFTs along with their troops during the gameplay in order to enjoy play-and-earn opportunities and Dragos can give buffs to your kingdom and the troops to give an advantage in various situations.

In the coming update, Drago NFT holders will have the ability to obtain new Dragos through the breeding system. Also, the players who do not own a Drago NFT yet can still find opportunities to enjoy Drago content through the rental system.

Drago Training

Drago Stats explained

  • Number in white = Base stats: increases based on the Drago level
  • Number in Yellow = Legendary parts stats: multiplies per legendary parts.
    - if you have 7 legendary parts, you will get +400% of the base stats.
  • Bonus = Bonus from having multiple parts with the same element.

Drago Level

  • Drago’s max level is 30.
  • The stats reach their full potential (100%) at level 30. At level 1, it’s 10% of the full potential, gradually increasing as your level increases.
  • Drago earns experience points by mining Dragon Soul Amber. The more you mine, the more experience points you get.
  • Drago level will NOT get reset after the transfer between the wallets.

Chimeric Fusion

  • You spend Drago’s Soul (DS) performing Chimeric Fusion to strengthen your Drago.
    - If successful, all 7 stats increase by a certain percentage.
    - If failed, you will earn Dragon Soul Amber (DSA) instead.
     — The chance to succeed will be displayed on the UI
     — We will get into DSA in the later part.
1*eMKZ_RB82M5FV12DquY89A.pngChimeric Fusion UI w/ success rate displayed1*MEbWESzekPuZ9qG80edfsA.pngChimeric Fusion success!! Congratulation!!!
  • Drago’s Soul: You can extract DS from a Drago.
    The extraction will sacrifice the Drago, and the Drago NFT will get burned. The number of DS that a Drago leaves will depend on the number of legendary parts.
    - A Drago with all normal parts will most likely leave 1 DS.
    - A Drago with about 3~4 legendary parts will leave 4~6 DS.
1*kPV5PphuMsLW1hJKMZVulA.pngDrago’s Soul extraction UI1*62quijLjpyQLHJCubWJDhQ.pngDrago’s Soul extraction confirmation screen
  • The number of DS needed in each Chimeric fusion will depend on the Chimeric Fusion level.
Dev’s Comment: Our initial idea was to merge a Drago into another to upgrade it, but it will have to go through a complex and SLOW transaction — and that’s not fun. Dividing the process of Drago burning (DS extraction) and Chimeric Fusion will make things much smoother.
1*JnRbAmmC-CuSR7JeWzjLcw.pngDragon Soul Amber (DSA) / Drago’s Soul (DS)


Dragon Soul Amber (DSA) Mine

1*sMBcq4bud_FJMux_2AwpnQ.pngDSA mine (not mined / mined)
  • Dragon Soul Amber is an in-game currency that can be used in several in-game Drago contents. It can be minted into Dragon Soul Token (DST) — LOK’s new utility token.
  • Drago with bodyguard troops can march to DSA mine to mine DSA.
    - DSA mine has levels, similar to other resource nodes.
    - The amount of DSA in a mine can get adjusted depending on the supply-demand balance.
  • 100 DSA is the minimum unit of DSA you can mine.
    - After it’s mined, it can be divided.
  • DSA mines only spawn in the land with a land owner.
  • The number of DSA mines will vary depending on the number of Drago in that continent. It will be adjusted periodically (weekly most likely).
  • When you get attacked while you were mining DSA and defeated, you will return with the DSA you’ve mined until then.

Drago Action Point

  • Drago AP will only be used when you go for MINING DSA
    - 1 AP is consumed for each mining march.
    - It won’t be used when you go on an attack (even to DSA mine).
    - When you attack the DSA mine that’s already under operation and win, your troops will return to the castle. You will have to send another march for mining purpose.
  • The number of Drago’s in the Drago Lair will determine the amount of Drago AP you will get each day.
    - Level 1 Lair can house 4 Drago. Level 30 Lair can house about 20+.
    - Each Drago with no legendary parts gives you 1 Drago AP
    - Each Drago with any legendary parts gives you 2 Drago AP
    - The max Drago AP at full house level 30 Drago Lair will be around 20–30
    - The Drago AP will be refueled at UTC 00:00 based on the snapshot. We are expecting to take the snapshot around UTC 23:00.
1*8veHwLApVuJ5lwbf2ik3Qw.pngMarch UI with Drago Action Point

Daily Quest

  • DSA will be rewarded as a final reward of Daily Quest. It is undecided yet whether we will add DSA at the current final reward, or create a new one at the end.
  • You can only get the DSA reward if you own a Drago. The ownership of Drago will be counted based on the snapshot every day. Drago should be in the Lair.
1*Oey4ZSk-QZT7x5RuTQTPcw.pngDragon Soul Token (DST)

DST minting

  • 100 DSA = 1 DST
  • DST minting will be processed in-game.
  • DST minting will have some form of cooldown or a timer.
  • There will be a function to convert DST into DSA as well.

CvC & Magdar w/ DSA

  • During CvC, DSA mines will spawn in the Crystal zone.
  • When raiding Magdar with Drago, the player can earn both DSA and LOKA. Users without Drago can only get LOKA.

Drago Breeding

  • Breeding requires DST and LOKA. DST will be burned, and LOKA will go to the LOKA DAO Vault.
  • Drago’s stat or upgrade does not affect breeding.
  • Breeding will be processed on the breeding web page.
  • The breeding count will be up to 7. The breeding cost will get expensive as the count goes up.

Drago Genetics

  • Drago Genetics is about inheriting the parts.
  • Each part has the dominant gene and the recessive gene.
    - The dominant gene is the appearance, stats, and element that is shown in the part. The recessive gene is the same that is hidden behind.
    - A dominant gene has an 80% chance to get inherited and a recessive gene has a20% chance.
  • For example) When breeding Drago A and B, this is the breakdown of what each part can inherit:
    - 40% chance of Drago A’s dominant gene
    - 10% chance of Drago A’s recessive gene
    - 40% chance of Drago B’s dominant gene
    - 10% chance of Drago B’s recessive gene
  • the dominant gene and the recessive gene don’t have any difference in terms of its value.
  • After the genetic rule decides all 7 parts, each part will roll to see if it’s a legendary part. Each part have a5% chance to become legendary.

Drago Rental

  • Rental will be processed on the rental web page.
  • The smart contract will be open to the public.
  • On the web, when listing a rental contract you can decide on some options:
    - DSA distribution ratio
    - Whether or not the rented Drago can be used for minting (Will discuss more on this in the later part of the article.)
  • There will be no rental duration. The owner can terminate the contract at any time.
  • DSA will be automatically distributed when Drago returns with mined DSA.
  • For obvious reasons, rented Drago won’t be able to be burned, transferred, or used for extracting DS.
  • There will be a dashboard displaying how much DSA the rented Drago farmed.
1*yq5mFyXi78jDz9UfMRHlpQ.pngRental status displayed in colors: Blue = Rented / Red = Rent-out

Drago & RSS Minting

  • After the update, you will need Drago to mint resources.
  • There will be a RSSminting slot in the Lair where you can deploy Drago and mint resources.
  • The resource NFT amount will be changed. You will now have 10m, 50m, and 100m options — each takes a different time to mint.
    - 10m — 8h / 50m — 24h, 100m — 48h.
  • The 40% resource fee will be removed.
Dev’s Comment: There are two major reasons behind this decision: to give another gatekeeper against bot accounts pumping RSS NFTs & potentially appreciate the value of RSS NFTs, and to add value to the LOK NFTs.
It was a tough decision for us as well, but we believe F2P users can still find opportunities to earn through the rental system that we offer. We are considering opening RSS minting to the holders of other LOK NFTs as well.
Along with this update, we wanted to address several features of RSS minting that have been requested by the community — such as increasing the unit of minting, having the cooldown timer displayed, and removing the resource fee.
1*8QYLMVxb11EsHfahgkVEVw.pngNew rss minting screen with Drago1*re-NJJ8zVIT926cXd6k-QA.pngRSS Minting UI

Drago Emoji

  • Every Genesis Drago owner will be able to use the Drago Emoji!

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