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Origins Offseason Update: Energy Burst, Keep, Blood Moon Rework!


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Origins is now in maintenance as we deploy a major off-season patch!

Due to the scale of this patch, please review the notes below carefully.

This is the first of 2 patches that we’re deploying this offseason. The second patch will come with a variety of card and rune/charm balancing changes.

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What’s New

  • Base HP of NFT Axies increased from 320 → 400

  • Return mechanic renamed to Keep. Cards are kept in Hand until the next turn instead of being put on top of the Draw Pile.

  • New game mechanic: "Energy Burst"

  • Blood Moon mechanic reworked

  • Class Potential Points now scale linearly with Class Purity

  • Neutral charms can be equipped with mixed Potential Points

You can find an overview and detailed explanation of these new mechanics and changes here.

New Mechanics Guide

⚖️ Balancing

  • Secrets can no longer be dispelled. Only removed by effects such as [Arco]'s

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Game no longer hangs when a player with too many Axies loads up the game.

  • In-game mail no longer loads mail from a previously logged in account.

  • Game correctly displays a popup when claiming first time rank up rewards.


  • New VFX and Animation when crafting

  • Multiple UI Elements of the game are now Animated

🏦 Economy

  • Minting fee of Runes and Charms will vary depending on Rarity

Quality of Life

  • Added a Reject All option for the in-game Friends List to improve management.

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