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Axie Origins: Epic Era Begins!


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Key Points:

  • The inaugural Rare Era has concluded.

  • The Epic Era will last for two weeks and have a total prize pool of 33,600 AXS.

  • Intermediate Crafting is now unlocked, along with additional utility slots to improve your crafting odds.

  • Four updated Epic Runes have been rolled out with this update!

Axie Origins S2 Rare Era is officially over as we now usher in the Epic Era. A huge congrats to everyone who placed in the Leaderboards of our inaugural Rare Era!

We’re excited to see what new metas evolve and how the community adjusts over the next two weeks. This longer era means there are more chances to craft Runes and Charms to help boost your team, as well as a longer period where the meta could change quickly over this period of time.

A Look Into The Epic Era


The Epic Era will last for two weeks, compared to the one-week Rare Era. We anticipate that more builds and metas will emerge, and the overall experience will be more EPIC 😉.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the Epic Era will look like:

  • Day 7 to Day 21

  • Total Reward Payout = 33,600 AXS (or 30% of 112,000 AXS)

  • Intermediate Crafting unlocks. All Utility Slots open.

  • Only common, rare, and epic Runes and Charms will be available for crafting and trading.

  • Bonus: all players who played at least one game during the Rare Era will receive a Sealed Epic Rune Choice Box which they can redeem at any time during Season 2.

Intermediate Crafting Now Unlocked

With the Epic Era coming in, Intermediate Crafting is now unlocked. Also—remember the Moondusts you got from the Daily Login Bonus? You can now use these boosters as utility slots for crafting have been unlocked as well.

Rune Adjustments

As shared previously, we made a few tweaks on four Runes and they will be in effect right away. See below for the changes:

  • Runes

    • Moonlight Thief

      • Only triggers when you’re behind on Energy Fragments or Burst level

      • Heal multiplier increased from 3x → 4x

    • Leaf Cloak

      • Grants the equipped Axie 2 Leaves on hit if it has none.

    • Prehistoric Armor

      • Grants 1 Spike at the start of your turn.

      • Heal per hit does not require Spikes.

    • Metamorphosis

      • Bonus Shield per Cocoon increased from 4 → 5

See you in the Arena! ⚔️

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*As each Era ends, your account till be credited with a certain amount of mAXS based on your leaderboard position at the end of the era. However, you will only receive AXS once, at the end of the season, pending an anti-cheat review.

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