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Scout Report: Monster Invasion


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League of Kingdoms Narrative


The Monster Invasion update is live!

Here’s the journal of Scout First Class Suri, the survivor of the scouts who encountered the Monster Invasion. Read her journal, and learn about what lies in the shadow of the Monster Fortress…

Day 2

I’m Scout First Class Suri. I’m writing this journal to record the scout mission against the unidentified fortress.

It’s been two days since we rode out, four days since this fortress suddenly appeared. Reports of unknown fortresses were flying in from several parts of the continents. The fortresses with bizarre outlooks that were not like any of the castles that we’d seen. Our kingdom decided to send out the scout team of veterans led by General Hendrick, the brother of the king. He is a commander and a warrior who has fought and survived many wars. I have a good feeling about this mission.

Day 5

Reginald is dead.

The closer we got to the fortress, the more monsters we found. It’s not normal to see this many monsters in this region.

We made a detour to avoid the band of orc raiders. Out of nowhere, we stumbled upon some random skeleton warriors. We couldn’t know. Damn bone heads don’t even make a sound. Reginald was cracking jokes about something when he took the blade on the side.

When we defeated the skeletons, Reginald was already gone. He was our medic. Belkis called for a retreat, but the general insisted that we can’t return without any information about the fortress. Well, orders are orders.

Day 8

We arrived at the fortress in the morning. Monsters were all over the outskirt of the fortress, and keep coming out of it. We decided to wait for nightfall to infiltrate the fortress. It was myself, Falko, and the general. Falko and I did some missions together in the past, and I know he’s trustworthy. But to think about what’s in that fortress gives me chill.

The general is giving detailed orders to others, to prep for the escape when things go south.

Need to get some sleep before the night.


Day 10

Damn! Damn! Damn!

We rode for one and a half days to lose the tracking monsters on our tail. Falko and Helen died, and the wounds on the general’s stomach were deep. It was only a miracle for him to ride this far with only a brief first aid.

There was a portal inside the fortress. The general muttered, it’s a primitive form of teleportation portal used in ancient times. Whatever it was, monsters kept flocking out of that thing. We tried to get to the portal, to find a way to undermine it. From the dark corner a shadow approached us. It was Deathkar!

The sword blazing with red light pierced the darkness, and the monstrous body behind the heavy shield revealed its presence. My eyes met its eyes inside the dark blue helm — a pair of eyes with the color of coldness and death. At that moment, a page from The Scout’s Field Manual popped into my mind. There was only one sentence under the drawing of this monster in front of me: ”On encounter, run at all costs.”

Falko didn’t even know what slew him. The general somehow managed to fend it off, otherwise, it was it for us. Before we left the fortress, I saw another Deathkar walking out of the portal.

Day 11

Trudging along the mountain ridge, we saw the monsters marching.

It started with the drums in the distance. It didn’t take long to realize it was the sound of footsteps. Countless monsters marched like a dark blanket covering the horizon. The sound of the footsteps turned into the clashing of armor and weapons, then it became rumbling off the ground like a mountain was falling upon us. We buried our heads between our arms to cover our ears like we were hiding from an avalanche, and waited for the monsters to pass.

After the monsters went far off, the general told us that someone should ride a horse fast to report the situation to the kingdom. It was me who the general chose.

“The kingdom must be warned.”

General Hendrick said, with a firm grip on my shoulder. I took three horses that once belonged to our fallen comrades. If I switch horses to keep their strength, I might be able to reach before the monsters. Now it’s time to ride.

Day 14

It was too woefully late.

It was in the middle of the fight when I reached the hill on the outskirt of the castle. The monsters were swarming the castle, ramming the gate. Monsters hanging on the ladder were like dark ink spilled over the castle wall. The fires rising from within the walls were the only thing that lighted the sky covered in the dark clouds.

Shit, why am I even writing thi…

Bless the Gods! We are saved!

It was a sudden blinking of a bright yellow light, like a lightning. When the light was gone, there stood a castle belonging to our alliance. And one by one, more teleported in. The light from the teleport spell shedding lights over the world in warm yellow rays. It was like a halo clearing the night of the abyss.

The castles were positioned to enclose the invading army of monsters, and the troops poured out. The monsters were surrounded and completely crushed, and none were left alive before the break of dawn.

Now it’s time for me to finish my task. I survived the bloody battle yet to the detriment of my fellow warriors. The information about the things I witnessed in the fortress must be an augry of impending danger. Though I was one step late, I still have to relay the report. For the kingdoms must be warned.

-From the journal of Scout First Class Suri, at the early stage of the Monster Invasion.


🎊Here are the Monster Invasion FAN ART contest winners! 🎊

1*17wCQhK3FfZOPwenCUf2lQ.pngby kei331*hBk1xiJdMHZ6OJojMzPt8A.pngby kalimak1*alO9MPYQwF-p7mdE_Wuwvw.pngby Await1*vc4tFvzKVqWoz69ydlLD9w.pngby HumbleCat1*RVQ3j5nFua5ZgWRPegt1Tg.pngby E.J1*PrI4OFfhmkhjiVAtxpTFew.pngby Crasylove1*fT1iNPEnTnFdL7f9RW5VTg.pngby FpJ1*4kSFDLifCBwfA-JqRS_alw.pngby VarVatia1*7Yooqs46ttmRcrOQ1xH_wg.pngby IronSurge1*cxY534Ui2en1wG8O47jMmg.pngby Welcome_Punch

Give it up for the great talents — kei33, kalimak, HumbleCat, Await, E.J, Crasylove, FpJ, VarVatia, IronSurge, Welcome_Punch!! 🚀🚀🚀

📜 Learn more about the Monster Invasion:


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