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H1Z1 Early Access Survival Guide


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Welcome to the post-apocalyptic United States! You have survived the initial H1Z1 outbreak, but the fight has only just begun. Now you must use your skills and wits to survive against the elements, hordes of undead, and of course, potentially hostile survivors.

Ultimate Survival Tips:

Don’t panic: Don’t freeze up when fighting; a moving target is harder to hit than a still one – and that applies for players, Zombies and animals.

Meet–but don’t trust–others: Interacting with other survivors can be beneficial for survival, but don’t expect everyone you meet to be friendly. Use voice chat to communicate and lower the risk of being killed randomly.

Death isn’t the end: Between Zombies, other survivors and the environment, death can be swift, but jumping back into the world is easy and you still retain all of your crafting recipes.

Be adaptable: If you want to survive, adjust your strategy based on what you are able to scavenge and craft.

Pay attention: Be aware of your surroundings – look for in-game maps for easier navigation, listen for footsteps, take notes of landmarks, etc. The more attuned you are with your senses, the greater your chances of survival.



The Infected

Day or night, Zombies are always looking for their next meal. With H1Z1’s emergent AI ensuring unpredictable encounters, stealth is key to survival. While banding together with other players offers its own set of benefits, there is not always safety in numbers; the more players in the vicinity is more zombie bait!

Best to stay off the main roads and go deep into the woods. Try to find cabins or campsites off the beaten path, maybe even find a vehicle that you can repair and help you explore the wilderness and towns.


As an open PvP game, many fellow survivors will be there to either help along the way or perhaps manipulate the situation to their own advantage. You must either band together or fight one another to survive.

When night falls, be on extra alert. It's difficult to decipher enemies in the dark.

The Environment

H1Z1 is a living, breathing world with dramatic day-to-night cycles, dynamic weather and combustible elements. Plants, trees, water and weather all contribute to your survival.

Weapons & Vehicles

H1Z1 players will be able to access a huge array of weapons and multi-passenger vehicles, which can be extensively customized to fit each player’s style.

Your fists will only get you so far. Scavenge or craft a weapon early on if you want to survive.

Circle of Death

A fully functional ecosystem means animals and Zombies have to eat too. Meanwhile, players must maintain their own health to survive so hunting animals, setting traps, and foraging is vital to avoid starvation.

  • Bears: Watch out, a brown bear towers over humans and will easily take you out.
  • Wolves: Good for pelts and animal fat, but attacks from wolves can be fatal.
  • Deer: Quick, but if you can catch them they offer good meat. Long-ranged weapons are your best bet for hunting them.
  • Rabbits: Fastest animal in the game. While a rabbit doesn’t offer much meat, it’s enough to get you through the day when you are starving.
  • Ravens: If you see a raven, keep your eyes peeled. Their presence usually means something died nearby.

Vegetarian? Forging for berries is a good alternative to meat, plus the branches can even be used as a weapon.


Items and resources in the world are scarce, initially leaving you only with your bare hands to survive. Across every nook, cranny (and even airdrops), you will need to search, gather and craft to the best of your ability. Much of your survival will depend on your wits to use what assets y ou are able to obtain and create. Mold your survivor strategy off of what you find and create first.

Make sure you use the discovery tab in the UI to learn new recipes as you find and craft new items.

Some of your clothes can be salvaged into cloth.


  • Backpack: Offers extra storage space; the more stuff you can carry, the better.
  • Scrap Metal & Wood: The most universal items to craft with and the keys to discovering most recipes.
  • Food & Water: Imperative if you want to survive longer than a couple days.

A backpack will help you scavenge more gear, which is imperative for your survival. You can also craft a satchel to help you hold more items in the beginning by finding scraps of cloth.



Best Uses: Chopping trees to collect logs, and chopping logs into wooden planks and sticks

Items needed: Wood and metal scraps

Bow & Arrow

Best Uses: Hunting predators—animals, Zombies or other survivors.

Items needed: Sticks & cloth

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