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Revelation Online's Basic Design Concept – Part II


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Welcome back to the second part of our Revelation Online Design Concept. In this edition we cover characters, their growth, and the battle system. If you missed part one check it out here.


In the real world, sometimes standing out makes one feel embarrassed; in the game world, every player wants to create a unique image for themselves. Therefore, Revelation Online offers a complete character creation system. Players can select their appearance, body type, costume, accessories, headgear, and voice based on their own personal tastes. You can also select the colour, material, and patterns of their clothes. In addition, there are different styles of wings and mounts to choose from.

This all allows you to be able to tell who that lady holding the umbrella on the Sulan Bridge is from over a hundred meters away and allows you to say to others: Look now, I shall defend that person with my life.
Of course it's not enough to be unique in appearance only. For this, Revelation Online offers deep gameplay modes so that every player can find their own suitable way to grow. Whether you’re a scenery junkie, a monster slayer, a PVE explorer, or a duelist, you can find your own special way to play the game.

In terms of battle, Revelation Online employs a basic new battle system. The objective is to allow every player have their own unique and irreplaceable role in the game. That way they will feel the accomplishment that is necessary for working in a team. Cooperation within a team is crucial during battle in Revelation Online; the game also incorporates action game elements to make every battle dependent on many variables; when this is combined with an equipment and skill system that features a high degree of freedom, every player can play to enhance their understanding of their chosen class.


Another special feature of MMOs is that they have an abundance of gameplay styles and point-earning systems. Revelation Online not only includes points from battles, but also provides a variety of other pursuits such as apparel, moves, ranks & titles, life skills and supplementary classes. Revelation Online also offers many styles of gameplay, which are designed to be exciting and challenging.

A character's growth in Revelation Online is expressed in an intuitive and systematic way. For example, when a character gets new equipment or levels up they will have new visible effects. Players can clearly see that they are growing and take pride in it. Also, if your Grace level is high enough, the maids at the inn might pay more attention to you. We provide fairness in the game and want all players to be able to grow happily and freely in Revelation Online.

The MMO world is a simulated world as well a realistic world. We make friends here, fall in love here and reach milestones that can inspire others. Tears don't come from frustration and failure, or injustice and suffering. They come from past experiences. They allow us to remember that it's not that hideous, realistic monster that does it, but the fact that we can laugh and take pictures even when our team is slain. Perhaps, growth in a game is fleeting, but it can move the player enough so that they remember it for years later. Growth and companionship is the most moving part of an MMO game.


This concludes our Revelation Online’s basic design concepts. If you would like to experience this world for yourself sign up for Closed Beta or gain guaranteed Closed Beta access with a Founder Pack!

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