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Revelation Online - Welcome to the Hot Springs Inn!


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The Hot Springs Inn is widely known as a place where you can relax and upgrade easily. Not only can you get a massive amount of XP here, it is also a great place for players to chat with each other.

Players can use the Hot Springs to drink and easily earn massive amounts of Character XP. It's a fantastic way to level up for players who are more casual or don't have as much time as others. Not only this, but, since it is so popular with players, the Hot Springs has become an important social location inside the game. It's unique location also provides beautiful scenery for players to look at while they're chatting.


At the Hot Springs Inn, the rich and peaceful music gives a feeling of serenity. The dense mist hangs over the pools to create an unbelievably relaxing atmosphere. The waterfalls help shape players like stones while also cleansing them of all their worldly filth. Fresh autumn leaves fall on the hot springs and create blooming ripples. Like a fine wine, the red creates a warming feeling.

The Hot Springs Inn was built as a place of rest by the Civets. They draw the hot water from the spiritual realm to give themselves a place to relax. For a Civet, there is nothing more wonderful than enjoying a drink of wine and then soaking in the hot springs. Sometimes they invite Human guests to enjoy the wine and chew the fat. One time, a guest fell into the ecstasy of the spring and broke through his training bottleneck to become a preacher.

After word of this got out, people have been eager to cross the inn's threshold. Overwhelmed, the Civets tried to keep the guest numbers down by charging a substantial fee, but it was to no avail. In the end, all they could do was accept the bitter reality and share the hot springs with the Humans. However, they did find a new pleasure. They started transforming themselves into various forms and playing tricks on the Humans. They've even gone so far to steal Human clothes to embarrass unsuspecting guests.


If you would like to spend a day at the Hot Springs Inn, sign up for Closed Beta or gain guaranteed Closed Beta access with a Founder Pack!

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