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Natsume Shin XD


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Yeah! Hello Everybody

Natsume Shin is here and I like to Introduce my self.

well since I joined Exitializ I never Introduce myself properly XD

This is the first time I will tell something about myself hehehe ..

my friends Known me as "Shin Natsume" Jeffrey B Castillo is my real name XD

Im 24 years old single. yeah i love being single for now hehehe

my birthday is on feb 1 1987..

and grew up here in olongapo but no permanent address heheh

im always with my friends thats why

i like playing games like RPG "role playing games" and

"MMOG" like ragnarok, cabal, RF, perfect world, ran online, ext,

my attitude heheh you never know unless you meet me XD

I like being happy i enjoy my life and i don't easily get mad

sometimes Im naughty and like to play joke on other people

and Don't ask about my love life LOL its a different story

I like helping my friends and sometimes I over do it

so I made Mistakes sometimes heheh

Im totaly different in realistic world

uhhm what else XD

just ask what you want 2 know ok XD

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