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Level 32 to 40 Leveling Guide


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Effective Usage of ABP

Currently... DN SEA continue the usage of the ABP system instead of FTG... so I'll try my best to post a guide that will suit our system best... if somehow FTG (fingers-crossed...) is implemented together with the Lv40 cap when it's released (or in the future...) I will re-write this guide that is suppose to go with the FTG system...

Where shall I start...?

Firstly... for players who arent hardcore to grind to Lv40 in just a few hours...

Follow the storyline and accept all the quests you can get... including the commission board quests... party up with players (I believe there will be tons of parties around during the early days of cap release...) and run Abyss dungeons... pretty simple right...?

Wonderful Theme Park - 500 Goblin Warriors

300 Goblin Warriors is limited to Lv31 and below only... for Lv32+ players... you get to kill 500 of them...! Be sure to do this as early level as possible... because the exp gained per kill will be decreased as you reach higher levels...

Grinding Dungeons / Commission Board Quests

OK hardcore grinders... this part is for YOU...! From Lv32 to Lv34... recommended dungeon runs is Dark Overlord Training Camp...

Once you reach Lv34... Dark Overlord Tower all the way till Lv40 is probably the best way out for you... yes try to get into parties of 4 to ease the workload... (This is just my personal recommendation...)

Alternatively... you can try out some of the dungeons mentioned below that are quite short...

Main point of this is... whatever ways you use to level-up... try to get into parties of 4 to make full use of the ABP... it will definitely aid you in levelling...

Introduction to Level 32 - 40 Dungeons

Hey... if you are sick of looking at Dark Overlord Training Camp or Dark Overlord Tower over and over again... try out these dungeons for a refreshing play... some of them have things that you will never encounter before...!

Hermalte Port - Ruined Riverbanks Path


Imp Graveyard - Lv32+

A mazy map with lots of switches and portals... (Same as Flooded Downstream Ruins...) - Not Recommended


Ruins of Lost Time - Lv36+

Very interesting map as there is a "Past and Present" version... meaning you have to run it "twice" in a single dungeon run... - Not Recommended

Hermalte Port - Charter Ship


Forsaken Islet Center - Lv32+

This dungeon is just like an advanced version of Forsaken Islet... - Can consider under the same category of Forsaken Islet


Sunken Vessel - Lv34+

This is a dungeon that will require some "luck" to clear it as fast as possible... requires you to find 3 statues within a given time... you will have to re-do finding the statues again if you fail to clear it within the time limit... (I will have this as the prettiest boss encountered so far...) - Quite a short dungeon at this level but that's if you can get the statues fast


Captain Durrant Base - Lv38+

The level of the dungeon says it all... quite a difficult dungeon to clear and has 3 maps before Boss... - Not Recommended

Hermalte Port - Dark Mines Access


Crossroad of Death City - Lv34+

Same as Dark and Collapsed Mines... gather the bombs and blast the doors open... there are 2 Boss in this map though... Abyss Mode has 4 Boss... - Average runs and good exp from 4 Boss


Entrance to the Death City - Lv36+

An easy dungeon all the way till the Boss part where its a bit irritating... - Average runs


Tomb of the Nameless Tyrant - Lv38+

Again... the level says it all... difficult dungeon but can be run easily with full party... quite a short dungeon... (Fire Shadow Scream Boss...!) - Average runs

Foothills of Black Mountain - Lonely Forest Path


Explosive Forest Area - Lv36+

Almost similar map to Dried Marissa Spring... quite a short dungeon... (This Boss will show you his eyeball in the boss cut-scene... creepy...) - Average runs


Ghost Village in Gloomy Forest - Lv38+

Quite an ok dungeon in terms of distance... limited fighting space due to too many objects in the maps... - Average runs

Foothills of Black Mountain - Dark Overlord Gates


Dark Overlord Tower - Lv34+

An average dungeon... a little similar to Dark Overlord Training Camp... lots of mobs too... - Preferred runs to grind in parties of 4

- Dark Lair guide not included until FTG is implemented *to be updated

- Master and Disciple guide not included until the system arrives in DN SEA *to be updated

- Effective FTG usage guide not included until implemented *to be updated

Everything above is what I can gather... personal recommendations... and names are loosely translated by myself... if there is anything that I can add on or any mistakes I have made in here... feel free to post it so I can improve this guide to help everyone in their levelling...

Credits to Gradius of CC Forums

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Additional Information:

For those HARDCORE PLAYERS who don't sleep and so eager to level up that they already ignoring the Main and Side Quests, do dungeon runs in DOTC.

For more details, watch this video.


Special thanks to the person who created this video.


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