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Red Little Devil Wings


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Win yourself an Exclusive [30Days] Red Little Devil Wings!




+10% Movement Speed










-Simply post a Screenshot with your Character in Dragon Nest SEA




-Upload it on an Image Hosting Site, you can use

imgur or the exitializ image hosting




-Post your screenshot here





Submission of screenshot is until December 13, 2011, 12:00 PM GMT+8



• Coupon code will expire on the 20th December (2359HRS –GMT+8) if left unredeemed.

• Only 1 redemption per character.

• Wing item is not tradable.


2 Lucky winners will be randomly selected through Random.Org


1. InFaMuS

2. DixieRect

3. llRednaxll

4. Xesus

5. xXXShinXXx

6. Chewski

7. Mystogan10

8. Xaul

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